Can Hoverboards Get Wet? [Explained With Facts]

You were flying down the boulevard on your new hoverboard with the wind streaming through your hair. Suddenly you hear the clouds thunder. You may panic and wonder – can hoverboards get wet?

The answer to that requires a bit of an explanation. Hoverboards are electronic gadgets that should be kept as far away from wet conditions as possible. They are equipped with wires, sensors, and batteries inside them which may get damaged if they come into contact with water.

But then again, weather forecasts may not be accurate all the time. There could be instances when it was supposed to be a sunny day, but it started raining and soaked your hoverboard. There are different versions of hoverboards available which are water-resistant, but are they waterproof? That area is slightly debatable.

As magical as they are, hoverboards can take you literally any places. With highly responsive sensors and fantastical wheels, you can ride a hoverboard while listening to your favorite music. You can glide, swivel, and even make air circles with its grand mechanism!

If you are interested to know how hoverboards work and if waterproof versions are available, hop on this ride to know more!

How Do Hoverboards Work?

If the prospect of riding, or better put ‘flying’ on, a hoverboard excites you, then you might have wondered, at least once, how they work.

Also known as self-balancing scooters, these boards have pivotal frames to cheat gravity. Inside each wheel of the hoverboard, there are electric sensors that detect speed and tilt-angle while on the move.

There are in-built gyroscopes that read the data received from these sensors and transfer the message to the logic board. The presence of these gyroscopes will work to your advantage. They ensure that the machine will stay straight under your feet no matter how crooked the terrain is or how fast you’d like to ride.

Under each footpad, there are switches that trigger an LED light. When the rider’s feet stay flat, the LED remains on, but as soon as the rider leans forward, the light switches off. The sensor gets this message and informs the logic board to spin the wheels of the hoverboard so that you can change direction or ride faster.

The motors of each wheel work independently from the other, so if you want you can maneuver the hoverboard in a circular motion.

This is just a short description of the working mechanism of a hoverboard. For a detailed idea, you can check out this comprehensive discussion specifically designed on the hoverboard working principle.

What Are Different Types Of Hoverboards?

The inventor of the hoverboard worked very hard to come up with such an amazing personal transportation vehicle with years of research and experiments. From the time hoverboard was introduced, we have seen variations in hoverboard models and designs in terms of varieties of factors.

Here is a short discussion on different types of hoverboards currently available in the market –

Hoverboards vary in terms of length, wheel size, and additional perks, such as knee pads for comfort. Traditional hoverboards are 6” long. Some monster models are as big as 10” with inflatable rubber tires and gigantic wheels. They offer more stability and can run on many types of terrains.

8” hoverboards are good for climbing steep angles and uneven terrains. Smallest hoverboards that are for kids, are 6.5”, weigh less than 30 lbs, and are quite affordable at the same time! This could be a great gift for kids. Before purchasing a hoverboard for your kids, you should always make a thorough study of the best available self-balancing scooter for kids so that you can get the perfect one.

Certain hoverboard models have LED lights so riders can now fly down the road and make people envious! Another unbelievable feature of this magical contraption is its built-in Bluetooth speakers which can connect to your Smartphone! If this doesn’t make you dance, what will?

For a comprehensive idea about the top-performing hoverboard models, you should check all the available premium hoverboard brands so that you can pick the right one for you.

All of this compels us to ask the most important question—Alright, so they are awesome, but can I ride my hoverboard in the rain? What if they get wet? Let’s splash right into it then.

Can Hoverboards Get Wet?

Many fear that hoverboards might get ruined in the rain, since it’s electronic, with wires and batteries in them. To say it out loud, it is true to a far extent. But don’t panic just about yet, if you have got your hoverboard ‘accidentally’ wet. Instead, wait around to find out what you can do about it.

So you were thinking of hydroplaning across the parking lot to get that groovy Instagram shot when you should have known better. Hoverboards are not meant to be soaked, let alone submerged.

Not even the monster 10” high-tech ones are water-proof because there is a whopping 70-80% chance that the water will damage the interior mechanism of the gadget.

So what can you do about this mess? It depends on how much water has seeped through the gadget, how dirty the water had been, and if your gadget was water-proof, to begin with.

What To Do If Hoverboards Get Wet

If Hoverboards Get Wet
If Hoverboards Get Wet

You can follow these steps to summon the life back into your hoverboard:

  • Turn off the hoverboard power to protect the motherboard. It cuts off the electron flow and prevents short circuits from happening.
  • You can try burying the entire gadget with raw rice grains for 12-24 hours. This method works wonders with soaked Smartphones. If you know how to dismantle your hoverboard, then do so, and cover all the parts, including the batteries, with rice grains.
  • After the required 24 hours of drying, assemble the product and switch it back on to check the condition. If it works, you should consider yourself as one lucky user, but if it does not…
  • You can always install new parts or get a new hoverboard altogether!

For a detailed idea, you can check out this detailed discussion on fixing a hoverboard. This will help you in getting to know about all the common hoverboard problems and the solutions as well.

Difference between Water Resistance And Water Proofing

Are there waterproof hoverboards, you ask? That’s a difficult question. There are indeed models like Hummer X-Ray by SwegWay, which is water-resistant, if not water-proof. Just to point it out to you, being water-resistant and being waterproof are not the same thing.

Can hoverboards get wet or not, depends upon the IP rating of the product, IP’s full form being International Protection marking. Most hoverboards have a rating of IP54 which means that it is okay to hover through a drizzle, but not through heavy rains!

It is better to repeat for emphasis that water resistance is not the same as waterproofing. Water-resistance in hoverboards mainly points to a feature where water glides off the protective coating on the hoverboard’s surface for a limited time, say for only a few minutes.

On the other hand, water-proofing means that water can never get through that protective coating, which is too much to wish for. If you expose your hoverboard to a wet environment for longer than 10 minutes, water is sure to seep through.

Even IPX4 versions, like the SwagTron T6 or Halo Rover-X, cannot be used during heavy downpours. The strongest water-resistant models use silicon coatings and aluminum shells to offer resistance. Being water-resistant, the most they can do is tolerate splashes of water from every angle, only for 5 minutes!

However, despite the adversaries, you can still hang out in the rain or splash on the puddle for a few minutes, wearing the water-resistant hoverboard versions. Also, you might like to check out a few models by Epikgo that promise to be semi-submersible with an exclusive IP56 rating.

So a concluding reply to the query, “Can hoverboards get wet?” would be that they can, but for a limited time.

Innovation is a close friend of electronics, so you never know when a water-proof hoverboard might come along. Till then, the next time you see black clouds building up, the safest bet would be to head straight for home.


1. Can hoverboards heat up and cause a fire?

Answer: Most hoverboards run on lithium batteries that are positioned right opposite to the logic board so that the gadget does not heat up. If you have heard of any hoverboard bursting into flames, that could be because of poor positioning of the batteries and the logic board.

Some cheaper versions of hoverboards have messy tangles of wires inside them leaving very little space to house the batteries—that’s a recipe for disaster. Therefore make an informed purchase.

2. Will manufacturers improve hoverboards?

Answer: Some consumers would like the wheels and the tires of the hoverboard a tad larger so that the machines could slide more easily on uneven terrains or sidewalks. Such constructions would require more power and would also hike the price of the product, making it unaffordable to consumers.

Adding a suspension was another suggestion, but it might interfere with the stability of the board.

Innovation is an integral part of the electronics industry therefore further improvements are only a matter of time. While you are at it, you might like to check out the latest hoverboard models specifically designed for beginners with LED lights and high water-resistance.

Final Word

Hoverboards are, in one word, amazing! They are a convenient tool and an easier mode of transport that can beat the traffic and take you to your school on time!

Yet, a question lingers, can hoverboards get wet? Can you splash your overboard on a puddle or glide across wet grassy fields? Disappointing as it may sound, but 100% water-proof versions are yet to be developed.

On a brighter note, there are indeed some highly water-resistant versions available by brands like Swagtron, SwegWay, Cho, and Epikgo. You might want to check them out.

If you have accidentally got your current hoverboard wet, no worries, there are some actionable steps that you can carry out immediately to revive your gadget.

In case you fail to do so, you can target the water-resistant version for your next purchase. Be it waterproof or not, if you love adventure, hoverboards are for you.

Any questions you may have, feel free to drop them at the Inquiry Section. We will try to answer all your questions at the soonest possible time.

Lastly, if you have a serious level of passion for hoverboard riding, I would recommend you to check out the useful blog posts on this website.

This is all I had for you this time!

See You Soon!

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