Can You Ride A Hoverboard On Carpet? [So Simple]

Hoverboards are gadgets of the future. With hoverboards, you can ride on all types of terrains. But can you ride a hoverboard on carpet? It is a question posed by many beginner hoverboard riders.

Though hoverboards do not actually hover, but they subject you to an experience as exciting as flying on a magic carpet. For beginners and young users, indoors and carpeted surfaces are the best places to practice in.

Therefore, yes, hoverboards can be used on carpets. But make sure that your hoverboard is adequately equipped to function on obstructive surfaces like carpets.

So what features should you be looking for in hoverboards that can ride on carpets? Look no further because this article will provide you with all the information that you need.

Can You Ride A Hoverboard On Carpet?

The simple answer to this question would be, “Yes, you can.” But before you purchase a hoverboard, you should keep certain things in mind.

If you are planning to stay indoors with your hoverboard, or ride it on carpeted surfaces mostly, you should at first make sure that the premises you are willing to use are cut out for hoverboard riding. Keep the following pointers in check:

1.Carpet surface:

Can Hoverboards Go On Carpet
Can Hoverboards Go On Carpet

You want to ride your hoverboard on carpets, but before you do, make sure they can endure the weight and abrasion of the hoverboard wheels with you on it.

Carpet surfaces, whether in your home or office, can be broadly categorized into a low pile and high file fabric. Low pile fabric has shorter and tightly-packed fibers, which provide higher friction.

High pile fabric has fibers that are longer and loosely woven, thereby presenting lower friction against the wheels of your hoverboard.

Public places, where rugs are subject to rough use, like in offices and hotels, have the low pile weave. High pile carpets are more plush and softer, like the shag carpets, and will get damaged if you ride on them.

Therefore, low pile carpets, as you might have guessed it already, are better suited for hoverboard riding.

2.The layout of the riding room:

With rising restrictions on where you can ride your hoverboard outdoors, more and more users are diverting to limiting the use of hoverboards in the vicinity of 4-walled interiors, like homes or offices.

Make sure the indoor venue, where you plan to ride your hoverboard, has plenty of free space. Remove or place aside all furniture and fragile items, before you resume your ride.

A big indoor living area, corridors, open office expansion, or unfurnished rooms could be some suitable places to try out your brand new hoverboard.


Riding on a wooly, tufted, or woven surface of a carpet may mean that some of the fabric’s loose ends or pieces might adhere to the wheels of your hoverboard due to friction and static electricity.

Vacuuming the tires or using wipes or a brush would do the trick. Just remember to be gentle and do not use water.

Features To Look For In A Hoverboard That Can Ride On A Carpet

So which hoverboards are best at riding on carpets? There are specific characteristics that you should be looking for in a hoverboard before you finally decide to purchase one. Let’s take a quick look at those features:

1.Reputable manufacturer:

Markets are infested with low-quality, sub-par hoverboard manufacturing. If you do not keep your eyes and ears open, you can be easily tricked into buying one of those hoverboards and regret your purchase.

So first things first, get yourself a hoverboard manufactured by a brand. Discuss with your friends or colleagues, or get an expert opinion if you can before you buy one.

In this regard, you should study the hoverboard reviews of the best hoverboard brands. An in-depth study will let you gather a clear idea about the features, pros, and cons of the top-rated hoverboard models from brands like Swagtron, Tomoloo, Epikgo, and similar others as well.


Tires that can ride on carpets should have a firm grip. Rubber tires with grooves or patterns work best in this case. These grooves embed on the carpet fabric and create the needed friction for riding safely.

If this traction is missing, the tires would skid off or slip, making you more venerable to an accident.


Hoverboards are fueled by lithium-ion batteries that require many hours of charging, often 1-4 hours. A hoverboard runs for 8 to 10 miles per charge, which is equivalent to 1-4 hours of smooth gliding across surfaces.

When running out of battery life, hoverboards switch to a “power saving mode,” supplying less power to the motor. Thus speeds fall, but you will be able to complete your ride before the power runs to zero.

 Can you ride a hoverboard on carpet? Considering riding on carpets, this will prove to be a big hurdle to overcome. As carpets offer more traction, therefore battery power will drain even more quickly.

Can Hoverboards Go On Carpet?

But first, are you skilled enough to ride one? Before we proceed into concluding whether or not hoverboards can be ridden on carpets, you should be going for some self-reflection.

At first, you need to hone your skills and master the maneuvering of this machine before you make the final decision of buying one for yourself.

What skills would you need, you ask? Let’s find out.

  • Practice, practice, and wait… practice:

Hoverboards are speed machines than swish at speeds of 6-10 mph. The smooth glide that you will feel while riding on asphalt will not be the same, not even close, to when you are riding on the carpet.

The fabric weaves or tufts on a carpet will grip around the wheels tightly, thus slowing down your speed. The thicker the weave of the rug, the lower the velocity.

The secret in maneuvering a hoverboard on a surface, like a carpet, lies in the way you will lean and the momentum you gain as a result. You need to be quite patient to master your riding skill on a carpet since you will take plenty of time to practice.

Different types of moves you can try on a carpet: Before you try any move on a carpet or any other terrain, wear your helmet and safety pads.

For beginners, “The Stork” is a groovy trick. Once you have mastered the act of self-balancing and accelerating on your hoverboard, you can try the stork act.

  • Keep one foot on the board, let’s say, your right foot, keeping the left foot afloat, meaning hold your left leg above the carpet.
  • Hold that position for 10 seconds approximately. You might start spinning a little bit, but do not worry, just enjoy every bit of the experience.
  • After that, place the left foot on the same side where your right foot has been.
  • After some time, you will find yourself rotating on your hoverboard! If you liked merry go round when you were a kid, you are certainly going to like this move.

Can you ride a hoverboard on carpet? Once you have gained enough control over your hoverboard, you are free to ride it on any type of surface, be it carpeted, grass-covered, asphalt or granite.

I would recommend you to learn all types of hoverboard tricks because the more you learn, the better rider you will become over time.


Q.1) Can you ride a hoverboard in the house?

Ans: Of course, you can. Hoverboard wheels are large and grooved, offering superior traction on all terrains. In fact, for beginners, indoor areas or carpeted surfaces would be the safest bet, since carpets would cushion your fall.

Q.2) Is it difficult to ride a hoverboard on the carpet?

Ans: Not necessarily difficult for you, but for the hoverboard, yes. Carpet surfaces are rugged, wooly, or rough, thus providing higher obstructions or increased friction against the hoverboard rubber tires.

Q.3) What is the best hoverboard model for a beginner rider?

Ans: Well, if you are a beginner rider, you should get one of the top-rated hoverboard models for beginners. Since there are lots of hoverboard models available out there, so it would be better if you make a thorough study before purchasing one.

Final Words

Hoverboards are manufactured, keeping both fun and utility in mind.

They can run on all terrains—thanks to their massive wheels, water-resistant exteriors, high-powered motor, and long-lasting batteries. Can you ride a hoverboard on carpet?

The answer to that question is also to the affirmative. Indoor carpeted areas could prove to be a safe place to ride on a hoverboard for kids and beginners.

Just make sure your hoverboard is manufactured by a reputable company and has large wheels, a good quality motor, and batteries, and you are good to go.

Want to know more about such a mind-blowing gadget? You can check out the blog posts on this website.

Surely you have lots of other questions?

Feel free to drop your comments and queries, and we will get back to you with information you can rely on.

Happy Riding

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