Useful Tips On Charging A Hoverboard – [A To Z Explained]

For every hoverboard rider, the very most important part is – “charging a hoverboard”. It is a must that you should ‘KNOW’ all the nuts and bolts of your hoverboard charging for a variety of reasons.

Keep in mind when you get your new hoverboard in hand, you can’t just start enjoying your First-Ride.

Ask – “Why”?

The ‘SIMPLE’ and the most logical answer would be – your hoverboard has not been charged yet.

After receiving your new hoverboard, the ‘FIRST’ job you have to do is Charging Your Hoverboard.

Like any other electronic device, you have to charge your board before going for the First-Ride. In addition to that, you have to charge the battery of your hoverboard after the end of your every ride.

Always keep in mind –Charging your hoverboard on a regular basis will ensure the optimal ‘PERFORMANCE’ of this electric scooter.

It’s a fact that some riders find it hectic to charge the battery due to the longer time it takes to charge a hoverboard. However, with the appropriate maintenance, the battery of your self-balancing scooter can serve you for a longer period.

In order to apply the right kind of maintenance, you have to get acquainted with all the details of the hoverboard charging.

Getting tons of requests from our readers, we have done thorough research on “How To Charge A Hoverboard”. And, finally, we’re here with our step-by-step guideline on hoverboard charging.

Throughout this article on hoverboard charging guideline, we’ll try to cover the following areas:

  • Importance of Charging A Hoverboard
  • Do Hoverboards Come Charged
  • How Long Does It Take To Charge A Hoverboard
  • How To Charge A Hoverboard
  • How Long To Charge A Hoverboard
  • How Long Does A Hoverboard Battery Last
  • How To Charge A Hoverboard Without Charger
  • How To Charge A Hoverboard With A Computer Charger
  • Hoverboard Charging Problems
  • Hoverboard Explosions

So, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the show….

Importance of Charging A Hoverboard

Before we jump into our comprehensive discussion on the above-mentioned points, allow us to let you know about the importance of hoverboard charging.

Well, there’re a number of reasons you should charge your hoverboard regularly. In the following, we’ll point out only the major ones.

So, have your full ‘ATTENTION’ here.

  • One of the most basic reasons for hoverboard charging is that a hoverboard without full-charge is nothing but a showpiece.
  • Without charging the battery of your hoverboard, you can’t take this device for a ride.
  • If you don’t charge your hoverboard regularly, the battery won’t last long.
  • Charging your hoverboard after each ride will ensure optimal ‘PERFORMANCE’ of your vehicle.
  • Charging the hoverboard will let you have the most satisfying sort of ride.
  • If you don’t charge your self-balancing scooter, it will become unusable within a short period of time.

importance of charging a hoverboardDo Hoverboards Come Charged?

Well, our direct answer to this question would be a ‘YES’.

Most of the manufacturers give a full charge to the hoverboards as different types of tests are taken place at the point of production.

However, there’s something you must ‘KNOW’.

Most of the hoverboards have their production taken place in foreign countries, for instance, China. So, it usually takes around a month or more for the goods to reach your suppliers or sellers by sea.

As a result, even though the manufacturers give a full charge to the hoverboards, the battery may possibly drain a bit due to the shipping time (around 30+ days). So, the hoverboards would be left with around 60% of the charge when you finally receive them.

Correspondingly, some of the suppliers have to store these electronic devices in the store for a long period for varieties of reasons. This gives an indication that, by the time you’re done with the purchase, you would find those self-balancing scooters with a low charge.

Even in some cases, you won’t be able to switch on these devices unless giving them a charge for the first time.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Hoverboard For The First time?

At this point, we would make the assumption that you already have your hoverboard in hand.

However, if you haven’t made the order of your first hoverboard, you can check out our detailed reviews on the Top Rated Hoverboard For Kids in 2020. This will give you comprehensive reviews on the best-rated hoverboards for kids available in the market at this moment in time.

Turning back to our discussion – How Long Does It Take To Charge A Hoverboard For The First time?

Well, we can’t just give a straight-cut answer to this question. And, YES, there’re some definite reasons behind that.

First off, you should know that not every hoverboard comes with the same battery. Actually, the manufacturers choose the battery which they think is best suited to their products. And, this is the main reason hoverboards of different brands take a different amount of duration for the charging thing.

Most of the hoverboard manuals do say that it would take around 2-3 hours to fully charge the battery of your hoverboard for the first time.

You might say you have the answer to your question – “How long does it take for a hoverboard to charge for the first time?” But, wait, my FRIEND. There’re some other details you must ‘KNOW’.

Hoverboard Battery Backup

Once the battery is fully charged, it will allow you to enjoy rides for durations ranging from 1 to 6 hours (varies because of different hoverboard brands). This basically depends on the configurations and specifications of your hoverboard.

However, still, there’re a few other variables!

This may sound a bit ‘CONFUSING’ to you. Is that so?

So, an ‘EXAMPLE’ would help clarify this confusion!

Suppose you are sort of an aggressive rider who loves to ride at higher speed on rough terrains. This will surely consume more energy. So, you can’t expect a longer battery backup from your hoverboard irrespective of the hoverboard brand.

On the contrary, if you love to enjoy smooth rides with moderate speeds, then you get an increased level of mileage each time you charge the battery.

Therefore, to get battery backup for a longer time, we recommend you to go for rides at moderate speeds (neither too fast nor too slow).

Concurrently, the thing that also does matter is the ‘SIZE’. For a bigger size hoverboard, you need to have a bigger battery. And, to give a full-charge to a bigger battery, it would take more time.


“You must give concentration on not to overcharge the battery of your hoverboard. If you do so, it will definitely decrease the lifespan of the battery.”

Overcharging your hoverboard battery can bring wide ranges of hoverboard charging problems. So, it is always a better idea to follow the hoverboard battery charging guidelines to be on the safest side.

So, this is all that you should have known about – “How long does it take for a hoverboard to charge”.

How To Charge A Hoverboard

So, you have already got enough information about ‘How long does it take to charge a hoverboard’.

But, do you have proper knowledge about how to charge a hoverboard?

If you’re a newcomer and just have received the new hoverboard in your hands, then it is a must that you should have proper knowledge of how you can charge a hoverboard. Without charging the hoverboard, you can’t take your board out on the street for the first ride, even if you know all sorts of complicated hoverboard tricks.

In the following, we’ll give a step-by-step guideline on how to charge a hoverboard the right way. Keep on reading to get appropriate information on charging your hoverboard in the most pertinent way –

  • When you receive your self-balancing scooter make sure there are no loose parts. For this purpose, make a thorough check of the entire hoverboard right after unpacking it.
  • Every electronic gadget does come with a charger cable with its box. You have to use this specific cable for the charging purpose of your device.
  • Now plug the charging cable into the power source.
  • Then you have to connect the other end of that charging cable to the charging point of the charging slot of your hoverboard.
  • When you switch on the power outlet you will see a red light on the adapter of the charging cable. This will ensure that your hoverboard is getting a charge from the power source.
  • After that, charge your hoverboard for a period of 2-3 hours. Once you see the ‘RED’ light of the adapter turns into ‘GREEN’, it indicates that your scooter is fully charged. Well, by this time, you know the answer to the question of how do you know when your hoverboard is fully charged.
  • So, when you see the ‘Red’ light turns into ‘Green, disconnect the cable from both the power source and charging slot of the hoverboard.


“For Your Information, always switch off your hoverboard before you connect the charging cable.”

Well, this is all about the necessary instructions about how to charge a hoverboard that you have to ‘FOLLOW’.

How Long To Charge A Hoverboard?

For the newcomers, even for some experienced riders, one of the most vital questions is – “How long to charge a hoverboard”In most cases, if you make the purchase from the Top Hoverboard Brands, it would take around 2-3 hours to fully charging a hoverboard. If you are a beginner and have no experience with riding a hoverboard, we would recommend you go for one of the top-performing hoverboards for beginners as they feature learning modes for amateur riders.Well, in this case of charging your hoverboard, we would advise you – never ever overcharge the hoverboard battery. If you do so, this will surely deteriorate the lifespan of the battery.So,You need to have proper knowledge of how long to charge a hoverboard.Or,You have the exact answer of how do you know when your hoverboard is fully charged.Here, we have very effective advice that you can follow so that your device doesn’t get overcharged.Well, you can check the light of the charging adapter to determine whether your hoverboard is fully charged.Always remember that the charging adapter will show a ‘Red’ light when your device is charging. But, when the device is fully charged, this ‘Red’ light will turn into a ‘Green’ one. Therefore, this is the signal that you have to disconnect the charging cable from the charging slot of the hoverboard.In this way, you can avoid the event of overcharging your hoverboard.


“A hoverboard will a large size battery will take more time for a full charge than that of a smaller one. At the end of the day, Size is all that does matter.”

So, this is the ‘PERFECT’ answer to your question – “How many hours to charge a hoverboard?”

How Long Does A Hoverboard Battery Last?

Depending on the varieties of hoverboard brands, a hoverboard battery can last up to 6 hours.Well, there’s a way by which you can test the battery backup of your hoverboard.With this particular test, you can have the answer to the question – “How long does a hoverboard battery last?”

You have to ‘PERFORM’ this test on the very ‘FIRST’ ride with your new hoverboard. But, make sure you give a ‘Full-Charge’ to your hoverboard battery before go for your first ride. In addition, you have to take an extra battery if you’re planning to go for a long ride.However, carrying an extra battery means you have to get yourself acquainted with “How To Replace Hoverboard Battery?”

Besides, there’re some other factors that will determine how long your hoverboard battery lasts. In the following, we have made a list of such possible factors:

  • Your hoverboard riding speed is one of the major factors that will determine how long your hoverboard battery will serve. Keep in mind – moderate level of speed will ensure that you would get a longer period of charging backup from your hoverboard battery.
  • The rider’s ‘WEIGHT’ – the heavier the rider, the more charge a hoverboard battery would consume.
  • The Terrain type – Always remember that if you ride on rougher terrains, then more battery power would be consumed. At the same time, riding on mud, carpet, sand, grass, and gravel would consume more power than riding on more of a smoother kind of road.
  • How much skilled you’re while handling your self-balancing scooter.
  • How frequent you ‘STOP’ or ‘START’ your hoverboard – the higher this frequency, the more battery power would consume.

These are the major factors that will determine – “how long does a hoverboard battery last”.Note:

“To get the optimal level of battery backup, make sure you take proper maintenance of your hoverboard. Also, turn off your hoverboard, when it is not in use.”

Can You Charge A Hoverboard Overnight?

It is ‘TRUE’ that smartphones along with some other small electric devices come with a condition that we can charge them overnight.But, my friend, this same theory doesn’t get applied when it comes to “hoverboard charging”.We have already discussed that most of the hoverboards get a full charge within the time range from 3-4 hours. So, charging them overnight would not be a good idea even if you buy the hoverboard from reputable brands.Although batteries of reputable hoverboard brands don’t suck charge when the device is fully charged, there still remains a risk that your entire house can get fire when you’re asleep.So, we suggest you not to charge a hoverboard overnight.

How to Charge A Hoverboard Without Charger?

Have you wondered about charging a hoverboard without the real charger?You might be thinking that – “Why would I charge my hoverboard without the charger I got with the package?”Well, there’re certain events that we can’t just CONTROL.Suppose that the real charger of your hoverboard is lost or damaged.What are you going to do for your hoverboard charging then?Some users have found a few ways to charge the hoverboard without a charger. In the following, we’re going to share those ways. You can try these tips when you need an ‘EMERGENCY’ charging solution without even having the real charger.

Move Hoverboard To and Fro

Place your self-balancing scooter on a flat surface. Then, move your hoverboard backward and forward for a minute. In this way, some users got ‘SUCCESS’ in getting a little amount of charge to their hoverboards.So, you can give it a TRY!

Use Laptop or PC charger

Many of our readers have been searching for the answer to this question – “How to charge a hoverboard with a computer charger?”Well, many of the EXPERIENCED riders have tried connecting the computer charger with the hoverboard charging slot. And, they got SUCCESS while giving it a TRY for the first time.If you have a PC or Laptop, you can also give this a TRY!

Turning The Device On and Off

Some users have found that turning the hoverboard on and off helps to extend the hoverboard battery life.So, these are the tips or ways you can apply when you’re looking for solutions for How to charge a hoverboard without charger.But, for a permanent SOLUTION, we recommend – you should replace the hoverboard battery.

Hoverboard Charging Problems

Your may a variety of charging problems when you purchase a hoverboard with the passage of time, the number of charging problems will also increase.Sometimes, you may need to buy a new charger if your charger is damaged or broken. Or, there would come some other situations when you will face hoverboard charging problems.We have written a comprehensive article on the charging problems of the hoverboard. You can read this article in full to get detailed info.

Are Hoverboard Explosions Real?

Our direct answer to this question would be a ‘YES’.It is evident that hoverboard explosions from different corners of the world have been reported.hoverboard fire and explosions

This kind of explosion mainly occurs when you buy a cheap and low-quality hoverboard. However, there’re also some other reasons for which hoverboard explosions occur.You can check this article of ours that we have written on Hoverboard Fire and Explosions.

Wrap up

Well, this is our comprehensive discussion on charging a hoverboard. Throughout this detailed article, we have tried to answer all of the questions regarding hoverboard battery charging that we believe are important for every hoverboard rider.

If we have missed any important question on the topic “Hoverboard Charging” to answer in this piece of the discussion, then you can give us a poke.

We would love to make a reply back to you.

Lastly, if you want to learn more about hoverboard reviews or hoverboard tips & tricks, you can follow our blog posts on this website.

Happy Hoverboard Riding!

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