Cho Hoverboard Review – Electric Self Balancing Scooter

No rider should buy a hoverboard without checking the hoverboard reviews. Doing proper research on the reviews of a hoverboard will help you make the right decision. If you are thinking of buying the Cho 6.5 inch hoverboard, then it is a must for you to check the Cho Hoverboard Review.

Honestly speaking, a detailed review of the Cho Power Sports hoverboard will assist you in getting a clear idea about the overall features and functions of the model. Besides, it will also help you to determine that whether buying this hoverboard is going to be the right decision or not.

In this case, you have to keep in mind that the manufacturing companies do not share the negative sides of their products on their TVCs or online ads.

So, I think that it is kind of a must for every rider to check the hoverboard reviews before buying any ordinary one.

In this article, I will make a comprehensive discussion about the Cho 6.5 hoverboard reviews. Through this article, I will try my best to cover everything that you should get acquainted yourself with this hoverboard model.

Moreover, I will also try to discuss all the features and functions of this hoverboard unit as detail as possible. Also, I will mention the pros and cons of the Cho power sports hoverboard based on my own experiences.

Being a fanatic rider, performing tricks with hoverboards has always been an obsession for me. And, probably that is the reason I find it very pleasant to share reviews of the best rated hoverboard models.

It is time we should start our discussion on the review of the Cho electric hoverboard…..

Why Should You Read This Cho 6.5 inch Hoverboard Reviews?

Before I start the comprehensive discussion on the Cho electric hoverboard review, it is my duty to tell the reasons for which you should read this review.

Well, studying an in-depth review of any electrical product is more or less a must. Putting it simply, it helps you to get acquainted with the details of the product. And, consequently, it gives you the required knowledge to make the right purchasing decision.

For this case of the Cho hoverboard reviews, the reason is also the same. By studying this detailed hoverboard review, you will surely get an overall picture of this particular hoverboard model.

Also, you will get to know about the strengths as well as the weaknesses of this hoverboard unit.

I am pretty much sure that you have now understood why you should read the Cho Power Sports hoverboard reviews.

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Now, fasten your seatbelt as it may be a sort of bumpy ride for you….

Cho Hoverboard Review – A Detailed Discussion

Cho hoverboard reviews Cho hoverboard reviews[/caption]

At the very beginning, I must let you know the fact that it is going to be a long discussion as I will be aiming at covering everything about the Cho Power Sports Electric Hoverboard.

So, I have decided to divide the entire discussion into a few sections. I hope that it will help you in getting a clear understanding of all the sections.

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Your job is to give your full concentration while reading the following sections –

Brand Profile – Cho Power Sports Hoverboard

The model Cho 6.5 inch electric hoverboard is of the most popular hoverboard models from the brand Cho Power Sports. It is my belief that most of you have already heard this name, “Cho Power Sports”, if you have any kind of passion for hoverboard riding.

This hoverboard brand has been continuously working to bring the latest and most updated Smart hoverboards, electric bikes, and e-scooters. The best thing about this brand is that they provide the top quality hoverboards at an affordable price.

So, if you are looking for high-quality hoverboards at an affordable price, then you can definitely choose this hoverboard brand. At the same time, you can also take a look at the top rated hoverboard brands in order to gather knowledge about the competition among those brands.

Currently, the model Cho Power Sports 6.5 inch electric hoverboard is one of the best hoverboards available for a beginner level rider as well as the advanced level rider. You can also have a look at the top rated hoverboards for beginners if you are looking for a perfect hoverboard for beginners.

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Key Features

  • Weight – 20 pounds.
  • Top Speed – 6 miles/hour.
  • Tire Size – 6.5 inch.
  • Range per Charge – Up to 12km.
  • Charge Time – 3-5 hours.
  • Battery Type – 1 Lithium-ion battery (included).
  • Certification – UL2272 Certification.
  • Warranty – 90 days from the delivery date Limited warranty.
  • Gyroor Warrior 8.5 inch Off Road Hoverboard

    Special Features – Cho Hoverboard Reviews

    • Attractive Design.
    • Powerful Motor.
    • Self-balancing Technology.
    • 5-inch Tire.
    • Incredible Performance.
    • Top-Notch Quality.
    • Built-in Speaker.
    • LED Headlights.
    • Amazing Lithium-ion Battery.
    • Bluetooth Connectivity.
    • UL222 Certification.

    Detailed Features & Benefits – Cho 6.5 Hoverboard Reviews

    ​]Cho electric hoverboard Cho electric ​

    In this section of the Cho Hoverboard review, I will discuss the features of the Cho Power Sports 6.5 inch electric hoverboard in detail. If you have any confusion regarding whether to buy this hoverboard model or not, then I can assure you that it is a critical section for you.

    Besides, I will also share my own experiences with this hoverboard unit so that you can quickly get an idea about the overall performance of this board.

    All you have to do is to give your full focus here while reading the following sections –

    Attractive Design

    The first thing about the Cho electric hoverboard I want to talk about is its design. This model is way better than the competitors’ models in terms of the design.

    I can bet any hoverboard enthusiast will surely fall in love with this hoverboard just because of the attractive design it has. I would definitely give a 10 out 10 ratings to this hoverboard model because of the design.

    Furthermore, this model will give you the advantage of stepping ahead of others while providing a cool look.

    So, if you are searching for a hoverboard with a stylish and cool look, then I must say that the Cho power sports 6.5-inch electric self-balancing hoverboard is the ideal option available for you.

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    Powerful Motor

    The Cho electric hoverboard comes with a 180-watt powerful motor, which I think is one of the most amazing features of this model.

    Such kind of robust motor gives you the flexibility of performing any kind of critical and complicated hoverboard tricks. Besides, you won’t have to face any sort of difficulty or problem while enjoying your rides on the roughest terrains with this hoverboard unit.

    At the same time, you can expect to reach the top speed of around 6-7 miles per hour when you have the Cho electric self-balancing scooter.

    Self-balancing Technology

    Another awesome feature of the Cho electric hoverboard is the addition of the most advanced self-balancing technology. For this particular feature, I must appreciate the efforts of the manufacturing company.

    The latest self-balancing technology of this hoverboard model makes it an ideal board for amateurs and beginners. Even if you don’t have any kind of riding experience with a hoverboard, you don’t need to worry because of the balancing technology this hoverboard has.

    For the mentioned technology, you will find this hoverboard an easy-to-learn one, which will give you the advantage of mastering the art of maintaining balance within a concise time.

    So, if you are a beginner level rider, then you will find the Cho 6.5 inch electric hoverboard as the perfect board for you.

    5-inch Tire

    While designing this hoverboard unit, the manufacturers have tried their level best so that they can come up with a board that can offer pleasant riding experience along with a good look as well. Keeping this thought in mind, they have designed and added 6.5 inch tires to this model.

    The rubber tire of this hoverboard unit can give you longevity as well as performance.

    Se, what else a rider would need to have satisfying riding experience?

    Also, the high-quality rubber also gives the assurance that it won’t go flat while you perform tricks on rough terrains.

    Incredible Performance

    You will be highly glad to hear that the Cho 6.5 inch electric hoverboard is designed in a way so that you can enjoy a safe ride with the optimal performance. And, Yes, it is like a dream for any rider to have such kind of combination in a hoverboard.

    When this hoverboard has a full charge, you can enjoy a pleasurable ride up to 7.5 miles (info given by the manufacturing company). But, according to my personal experiences, I have found around 8-9 miles as the maximum distance covering range when it has a full charge. Besides, you can reach the top speed of up to 7 miles per hour with this hoverboard, which I believe is just amazing for beginners.

    If you are looking for a hoverboard to perform critical stunts with optimal performance, then I recommend you to go for the Cho 6.5 inch electric self-balancing scooter.

    Top-Notch Quality

    ​​Top-Notch Quality Top-Notch ​

    While writing this Cho hoverboard review, it would be totally unfair if I don’t talk about the QUALITY of this model.

    You will get a sense of relief to hear that the Cho electric hoverboard is made of premium quality steel. So, you can expect durability as well as longevity from this model.

    Besides, the footpad of this hoverboard unit is well built. You can expect a consistent grip while you ride this hoverboard. And, this will also ensure the balance you need as a beginner level rider with no riding experience.

    Kids may face a bit problem while carrying this hoverboard as it’s sort of heavy because of the premium quality steel. But, the package includes a carrying case, which makes it a hoverboard that is easy to carry.

    Furthermore, the maximum weight this hoverboard can bear is around 220 lbs, and the minimum weight carrying capacity is approximately 45 lbs.

    So, kids, along with adults, will find the Cho electric hoverboard as the ideal option for them.

    Built-in Speaker

    Cho 6.5 hoverboard reviews ​​

    Another fantastic feature of the Cho electric hoverboard is the built-in speaker. Such kind of high-quality speaker will surely offer the best riding experience.

    The built-in speakers of this hoverboard unit will allow you to enjoy your favorite music even at the time of riding the board. So, there is no chance of getting bored even if you go for a lonely ride without your circle.

    The speaker is great in terms of quality, which lets you enjoy excellent and clear sound.

    LED Headlights

    Cho electric hoverboard reviews ​

    One of the most amazing features of the Cho electric hoverboard is the LED headlights. These lights are placed on the front side of the vehicle. This hoverboard gets a different look because of these LED headlights.

    Besides, these lights will give you the flexibility of enjoying rides even in dark environments. So, you don’t need to worry for the night time rides when you have the Cho 6.5 inch electric hoverboard.

    According to my experience, I would say that the LED headlight is like a must-have feature you should look for at the time of buying any top rated hoverboard.

    Amazing Lithium-ion Battery

    The high-quality lithium-ion battery of the Cho power sports hoverboard is another great feature I must not forget to mention.

    It takes only 2 hours to give a complete charge to this hoverboard unit, which I think is completely amazing. And, you will also consider it as reasonable if you think of the power this hoverboard unit can supply.

    With a full charge, you can expect to enjoy a ride of up to 8-9 miles, which is quite decent for any type of rider.

    Besides, this hoverboard features an electric drive function that is an environmentally friendly one. It means that there is no chance of emission. And, consequently, there will be no environmental pollution.

    Bluetooth Connectivity

    The high-quality Bluetooth connectivity of this hoverboard model is another impressive feature; I must let you know. This reliable Bluetooth functionality will allow you to connect this device with your smartphone and other music devices that support Bluetooth.

    As a result, you can easily select, change, and play your favorite music without even stopping your ride.

    If you are a passionate music lover, then I would suggest you go for the Cho 6.5 inch electric self-balancing hoverboard.

    UL222 Certification

    Cho power sports hoverboard reviews

    While writing the Cho hoverboard review, it is my duty to let you know about the UL2272 certification of this hoverboard model.

    In this case, you always have to remember the fact that an electric device gets the UL2272 certification only when the parts and components of this device pass all sorts of UL tests in a successful manner.

    The Cho power sports electric hoverboard has successfully passed all of those UL tests regarding the safety and electrical tests. As a result, this device has got a UL2272 safety certification.

    And, this indicates that the Cho electric hoverboard is a safe hoverboard to ride.

    Here, you can check out the swagtron t380 review.

    If you are looking for a safe hoverboard, then you should definitely go for the Cho power sports 6.5-inch electric hoverboard.


    • Attractive design.
    • Great climbing capability.
    • Premium quality steel ensures durability and longevity.
    • Lithium-ion battery ensures no environmental pollution.
    • A powerful motor offers optimal performance.
    • LED headlights allow safe riding during the night hours.
    • UL2272 certification ensures a proper level of safety.
    • Advanced self-balancing technology makes it an ideal choice for beginner level riders.
    • Perfect choice for amateur, beginners and expert level riders.
    • Great value for the money.


    • It takes too long for a full charge.
    • Not an ideal device for all terrains.
    • Some users have complaints about sound quality.

    Why Should You Buy Cho Power Sports Hoverboard?

    By this time, you have got yourself acquainted with the pros, cons, and features of the Cho power sports electric hoverboard along with other necessary details. Also, you have come to know why this particular hoverboard model is regarded as one of the best hoverboards for beginners.

    However, at this point in time, a question that may come into your mind – “Why should you buy the Cho Power Sports Hoverboard?”

    Well, here I have added a section that specifically designed to answer the above question –

    • When you have the Cho power sports electric self-balancing hoverboard, you get the flexibility of performing a full-body exercise without even going to your gym. And, it is known to all of us that a full-body exercise is a key to having a healthy and fit body. So, if you ride this hoverboard on a daily basis, you can easily keep your body fit through performing a full-body exercise.
    • The Cho electric hoverboard will help you to keep your mind fresh and youthful. As a result, you will never get bored when you take this hoverboard unit to ride on a regular basis.
    • The UL2272 certification of this hoverboard indicates that it is safe for use as this hoverboard unit has passed all the required electrical and safety tests.

    Who Is This Hoverboard For? – Cho Electric Hoverboard Reviews

    So far, you have read a comprehensive discussion regarding the Cho electric hoverboard review. So, it is very common that you may want to know – “Who is this hoverboard for?”

    Based on the information I have gathered about this hoverboard, I would like to say that the model Cho 6.5 inch electric hoverboard is specifically designed for the beginner and amateur riders. This hoverboard unit will surely help the beginner level riders to become an expert rider within a very short time. But, of course, regular riding is a must.

    So, we can say that it is a hoverboard model that is a perfect choice for beginner level riders.

    If you are a beginner level rider, you can also check out these top rated hoverboards for beginners. This will help you to find out the perfect hoverboard for you.

    F​A​Q​ – Cho Hoverboard Review

    How long does the battery of the Cho electric hoverboard last?

    Well, there is no straightforward answer to this question that I can give you.

    Actually, many factors mainly determine how long the battery of this hoverboard model may last.

    For example, if you are a rough rider and choose the rough surfaces for your ride, then you cannot expect much backup from the battery.

    But, if you are a beginner level rider and trying to learn the art of hoverboard riding, then you will get a more extended battery backup than the earlier scenario.

    For a mid-level rider, I have found that the battery of the Cho power sports hoverboard can last up to 7 hours max.

    Is Cho a good hoverboard brand?

    The best thing about Cho Power Sports hoverboard is that it is UL certified. This means that their hoverboards are safe. So, it is obvious that the Cho hoverboards are the ideal choice for any rider.

    With the term any rider, I meant a beginner, adult, or kids.

    Besides, you can also expect a decent performance form the Cho hoverboards. So, Yes, you can say that Cho is a good hoverboard brand.

    To get more idea about the hoverboard brands, you can check out the best rated hoverboard brands.

    Is Cho a good hoverboard for beginners?

    As I have already said, Cho 6.5 inch electric hoverboard is ideally designed for beginners. It will help the beginner level riders to become a master of maintaining the balance within a very short time.

    If you are a beginner level rider, you can definitely choose this hoverboard model.


    So, we have reached the ending section of the comprehensive discussion on the Cho hoverboard review.

    I am pretty much confident that I have covered everything you need to know about the Cho electric hoverboard, including the pros, cons, and details of every feature.

    At the same time, I have also designed a specific section that tells you about the advantages and benefits that you can get from this hoverboard unit. I am quite sure that the benefits of this hoverboard model will definitely play a significant role in making your final buying decision regarding this hoverboard.

    Still, if you have any kind of question in mind about the Cho hoverboard reviews, you can give a direct message.

    I will try my best to help you out.

    Take Care!

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