Cool Hoverboard Tricks You Must Know

Riding a hoverboard isn’t that much of a tough job, but knowing the cool hoverboard tricks will let you ride your hoverboard like a BOSS.

A hoverboard is just like a PERFECT piece of gift that you can choose for your loved ones. All sections of people – kids, adults & others – all enjoy hoverboard riding as fun sports. It let you fly as you can do with a roller coaster ride.

Moreover, there’re countless numbers of features like app and music playing functionalities which will make your ride better than you can ever imagine.

In the earlier times, you might have heard news like hoverboard fires, but the good news is – at this moment in time, you won’t find this type of news. And, for that, we must give “THANKS” to the UL2272 standards. It is UL2272 standards that really did focus on such issues and came with the safety standards.

Let’s come to our main topic of discussion – Easy & Cool Hoverboard Tricks You Must Know.

Before we jump into our detailed discussion, we must mention some of the prerequisites you must get aware of.

First of all, you have to make sure about managing a hoverboard in order to learn hoverboard tricks. So, in this case, you can borrow your friend’s hoverboard or buy a hoverboard.

Although you can go for either of these options, we would recommend you to go with the later one – buying your own hoverboard.

Now that you’ll find varieties of hoverboards on the online platform, so it must be a tough decision for you to select the ideal hoverboard for you.

But, you don’t need to get WORRIED, my FRIEND!

In order to select the right hoverboard, you can take a look at the  Top Hoverboard Brands in 2020. This is a complete and detailed review of the best hoverboard brands currently dominating in the self-balancing scooter market. Besides, we’ve also added a standard piece of Buying Guide which you can follow to understand the factors you must focus on while making your hoverboard purchasing decision.

So, at this point, we can assume that your hoverboard is with you.

Now, we’re going to ‘START’ our detailed instructions on hoverboard tricks you can learn.

Hoverboard Tricks – A Complete Guide & Tutorial

Hoverboard Tricks – A Complete Guide & Tutorial

Hoverboard Tricks – A Complete Guide & Tutorial

We’re pretty much sure that our complete tutorial on hoverboard tips and tricks will let you help you learn all of those necessary hoverboard riding tricks.

In order to make this tutorial more helpful for you, we’ve added relevant images and videos along with a detailed set of instructions.

So, Sit back and RELAX….

First Thing Comes First…

The real secret of learning any kind of hoverboard trick is pretty much simple:

“You Need To Keep Your Balance”

It may sound like a basic piece of advice to YOU, but you know what – the professional riders consider it as a general rule of THUMB.

Keeping that in our mind, let’s just get this SHOW started! 

keeping balance on a hoverboard

keeping balance on a hoverboard

Before diving into the detailed discussion on hoverboard tricks, you can check out how to ride a hoverboard (if you are a beginner and don’t know how to ride one).

Hoverboard Tricks For Beginners

At the very thing, let us have the basic idea of hoverboard riding tricks which are suitable for beginners. You may wonder about those crazy hoverboard moves which you see on TV and social media sites.

Those must be EXCITING – Yes, We do BELIEVE so!

However, for the beginners, we do have a suggestion – don’t think of trying such complex moves at the initial stage. For the beginners, we’re going to show some of the basic moves which are the PERFECT way to START with…..

The Stork

Once you get comfortable with keeping the balance, spin, and accelerate on the hoverboard, you can think of giving this a try.

From our own experience, we must tell that you have to learn how to keep balance first in order to start this move. Without learning how to keep balance on your hoverboard, never ever think of giving it a try.

hoverboard tricks - the stork

hoverboard tricks – the stork

We would suggest you start with a little practice session. For trying this shot, you need to take one of your feet off your hoverboard and then try to keep your whole body afloat on your other feet for a period like 10 seconds.

In this case, you may feel the spinning at first, but make sure to keep the foot totally leveled. This will help you to keep your balance on your board in a proper way. This may need some kind of concentration at first but always try to relax.

From this point, try to step up on the footpad with one of your feet which you would choose to keep on that side. After that, try to lift the other foot and make a little bit of pressure on the jumper of your board. Again, you may feel some kind of spinning, but don’t panic – just think of having fun with this hoverboard trick.

Here, you must keep in mind – never ever put the pressure of your whole body on the board’s jumper. This may create a moment of unbalance and consequently, the result will make you fall on the ground.

From our experience, we would suggest you have a clear idea of the hoverboard weight limit so that you can keep the balance following the right way.

The Genie

Have you ever thought of trying a magic carpet ride? In reality, it’s not possible to fly like Aladdin, but you can surely amaze your friends and mates with this amazing beginner level hoverboard trick.

To be frank, when we did try this particular hoverboard trick, we found it really enjoyable. Even our friends did appreciate this hoverboard move.

hoverboard tricks - the genie

hoverboard tricks – the genie

Hence, to impress your friends and loved ones, you can surely give this a try.

To give it a start, manage space in a large room or maybe in your backyard where there’s nothing breakable near you. Place your hoverboard in front of you and place your knees on the footpad of your board while keeping the feet totally flat on the air behind you.

At the initial stage, don’t try to keep your feet at a higher level in the air. Rather just try to adopt the balance while leaning your body to the forward direction. And, then move your body to the right for taking the right turn and left for the left run.

This is an amazing piece of hoverboard trick for beginners which will create an illusion like you’re floating yourself on the ground.

However, there’re some riders who take this hoverboard trick to one step ahead which is known as the crisscross.

And, this is more of an intermediate trick… 

To get a detailed idea about this trick, you should gather vast knowledge on how you can ride a hoverboard on the carpet.

Hoverboard Tricks For Intermediate Learners

Now that you have learned the basic hoverboard riding tricks, it’s time you should level up one step ahead.

So, drum the roll…..

The Butterfly

Always remember that you should start trying this hoverboard riding move once you have adopted the first two hoverboard tricks we did discuss above.

Without learning the above tricks properly, never ever think of going for a try with this particular riding move.

Start with sitting on the end of your board with both of your feet keeping a mutual balance on the opposite of the footpad. While trying this move, keep your knees totally bent and keep the face-up.

hoverboard tricks - the butterfly

hoverboard tricks – the butterfly

The expert riders will suggest you keep your legs wide-open like the wings of a butterfly – in a relaxed, loose position.

In order to move, try to give a little bit of pressure on the downwards of the footpad using the heels of the feet. And, then try to lean your body backward and forwards. Once you start doing this, you’ll move from your left to right and then, again from right to left.

To get yourself out of this position, make sure you carefully keep your hands behind on the ground and then try to lift up your feet slowly. And, following this way, you can get off your hoverboard without even falling on the ground.

Have you tried this riding trick yet? How was your EXPERIENCE?

Let us know. We would love to hear how well you performed.

One-Foot Roundabout

This another stunning hoverboard trick for the intermediate level riders.

First of all, keep your entire body and feet totally relaxed. Kneel forward to the ground and place one of your hands (let’s say right hand) on the bumper of the hoverboard.

Hoverboard Tricks - One-Foot Roundabout

Hoverboard Tricks – One-Foot Roundabout

Now, try to lift the same foot (the right one) behind you and start grabbing the board with the other hand (right hand).

In this case, you have to make sure that the foot which you’ve kept on the footpad is totally relaxed. Keeping that foot relaxed won’t create any kind of involuntary move. Once you get the feeling of total confidence in your balance, you have to go ahead and then lean backward or forward to spin.

To be honest, if you can learn this hoverboard trick, you can surely adopt some extraordinary set of hoverboard riding skills to impress your friends.

Have you given it a try? How was your “PERFORMANCE”?

Do let us know…..

Hoverboard Tricks For Experts

Well Done, My Friend. At this point, you’ve already almost all of the basic hoverboard riding tricks. Now, we can assume that you’re totally ready for the Real Big Thing.

Even if it may require a lot of practice, but once you can master these tricks, then you’ll be a PRO.

The One Eighty Move

hoverboard tricks - the one-eighty move

hoverboard tricks – the one-eighty move

At the very beginning, we must WARN you that this hoverboard trick is not for those who are at the beginner or intermediate level.

This particular piece of trick does require not only balance, yet timing at the same time. So, it would be a wise decision to practice this trick or move in a completely secure setup – probably in your living place with a family member or friend to assist you.

To give it a start you can stand just normally on the hoverboard keeping your body totally relaxed. Try to bend the knees, and then go for a small jump along with a twist right at that moment.

Now, take a closer look at your hoverboard and then make a spin maintaining a 180-degree turn and finally, land on the footpad of your hoverboard keeping the balance and without falling on the ground.

The entire procedure we just explained above may sound EASY to you. But, trust me; this isn’t like a piece of cake. You have to keep your balance, maintain the timing, and be CONFIDENT.

The Tootsie Roll

If you can become a master of this hoverboard trick, then we’ll regard you as ROCKSTAR. This is another amazing hoverboard trick that requires more than keeping the balance alone – it does require both of your timing along with your personal discretion.

FYI, keep this note – just like that 180-degree move, you have to manage a secure environment with a helping hand while practicing this hoverboard riding trick.

For the start, glide to your forward direction quickly on your board. Next, try to hop in the backward direction off your board in order to make it rollover. Keep your hoverboard rolling all the way till the footpads face the upwards direction again and then make a jump back on.

Keep in mind – this hoverboard trick will require a lot of practice. And, your hoverboard may get some scratches also. So, we would suggest that you should go for trying this move only when you’re completely confident about it.


​Which hoverboard to buy?

​Now that you know all the hoverboard tricks, it is obvious that you want to buy the perfect hoverboard for you.

Since you are a beginner with no previous experience with hoverboard riding, so we would recommend you to buy one of the top-rated hoverboards for beginners.

However, if you don’t have a big budget, then we would suggest you check out the top-rated hoverboard under $200. This will help you to get the perfect hoverboard without even spending too much on your first hoverboard.

​How can I reset a hoverboard?

Well, you may need to reset your hoverboard when you go for trying different types of hoverboard tricks.

In this regard, we would suggest you gather an in-depth idea of resetting a hoverboard correctly so that you don’t have to face any problem with your newly bought hoverboard.

​Is Swagtron a good hoverboard?

Answer:  Well, Swgatron is known to be one of the most popular hoverboard brands at this moment in time.

If you intend to buy a Swagtron hoverboard, then it is better to study the top-rated Swagtron Hoverboard Reviews. A thorough study will help you get the perfect Swagtron hoverboard for learning all the hoverboard tricks that we have already discussed.

​Final Words

We believe that our complete tutorial on hoverboard tricks will surely guide you in learning all the riding moves you want to try.

As we have divided our tutorial into different sections like Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert level, so this complete guide will help each and every one of you.

If you have any questions regarding hoverboard riding tips and tricks, then do not get hesitate to message us.

We’ll try our best to come up with a helpful suggestion. Besides, if you have any more riding tricks, then you can also share that with us. We would love to add your tricks to our detailed tutorial.

Lastly, if you want to keep yourself updated with the latest hoverboard tips and tricks, you can follow our blog posts.

This is all for TODAY!


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