How To Fix A Hoverboard? Common Hoverboard Problems And Solutions

Looking for the most EFFECTIVE ways regarding How To Fix A Hoverboard? Well, my friend, you’re at the most apposite place then.

Well, a hoverboard is a vehicle that you can use for not only fun but for your ride to the office, factories, and other places as well. Only then riders know how IMPORTANT a hoverboard can be in their regular life.

Your favorite hoverboard may encounter any problem at any point in time since it’s an electric device.

So, what are you going to do then?

For your hoverboard problems, if you don’t like to spend extra bucks, then we would be suggesting you consider it as a DIY project. Trust me, hoverboard troubleshooting won’t be a big deal if you know the actual problem of your hoverboard.

Therefore, it’s necessary for you to have a COMPREHENSIVE idea about common Hoverboard Problems and Solutions. Having knowledge of such detailed and step-by-step guidelines is the only way to help you with queries like how to repair a hoverboard.

Why Will You Read This Post About Hoverboard Problems?

Definitely, this is the question that is knocking your mind before you go ahead to read this post about hoverboard problems.

Well, in this post, we will be sharing step-by-step guidelines on the most common hoverboard problems and solutions. Actually, we’ll be trying to cover almost all the hoverboard problems so that you can get all-in-one from this post.

We must let you know that we always do the hoverboard troubleshooting all by ourselves. So, all of the solutions regarding the hoverboard problems we’re going to share will be based on our own EXPERIENCE.

This is going to be a long post. So, read the whole post to get a solution for your specific hoverboard problem.

Most Common Hoverboard Problems

At first, we’ll be talking about the most common hoverboard problems. For your convenience, we have made a list of those common hoverboard problems:

  • Hoverboard Red Light Flashing.
  • How To Fix A Hoverboard That Won’t Turn On.
  • How To Fix A Hoverboard That Won’t Turn Off.
  • How To Fix A Hoverboard That Won’t Move.
  • How To Fix A Hoverboard Wheel.

Always keep in mind that when you don’t know how to ride your hoverboard the right way, you may have to face lots of unwanted problems with your hoverboards. Also, you may face problems with your self-balancing scooter when you try to perform some of those complicated hoverboard tricks.

Hoverboard Problems And Solutions

Now that you have already got to know about the most common problems, so, in this section, we’re going to discuss all the major hoverboard problems and solutions.

This section is going to be a long one. That is the reason, we have divided this particular section into several sub-sections so that you can get specific solutions for each problem of your hoverboard.

How To Fix A Hoverboard

So, our main concern is how to fix a hoverboard. Well, hoverboard troubleshooting can give the best solution that you have been ooking for your hoverboard problems.

Always keep in mind that not every hoverboard problem requires the same type of solution. Each hoverboard problem needs a specific type of solution so that you can get your hoverboard completely ready for your next ride.

Without wasting any more ‘TIME’, let’s ‘START’ our discussion regarding how to fix your hoverboard….

1. Hoverboard Red Light Flashing – How To Fix?

Hoverboard red light flashing is known to be one of the most common hoverboard problems that you may encounter at any point in time. This red light flashing thing may happen if you fail to purchase one from the best performing hoverboard brands available out there in the market.

So, the question is – “How will you spot such hoverboard problems related to red light flashing?”

Well, the procedure to identify such a problem is very ‘SIMPLE’.

If you see any type of red light flashing at the time of activating your hoverboard, then it indicates that there is something ‘WRONG’ with that hoverboard. And, it urges the need to fix the hoverboard.

In this case, if you’re a beginner, then you may fail to identify this problem related to hoverboard red light flashing. This sort of confusion may arise because a hoverboard can show ‘RED’ light for 2 different reasons.

  • When you see the red flashing light has a somewhat round or circular shape, then it indicates a problem.
  • On the other hand, if the red flashing light shows a battery shape, then it means that your hoverboard is low in charge.

So, how to repair a hoverboard that indicates red light flashing problem?

The solution is here for ‘YOU’….

  • Red Light Flashing 1 Time

Problem – When you see the red light on your hoverboard is flashing once, it means some kind of loose connection is there is your hoverboard. If this problem is of severe level, then it may cause the change of motherboard some times.

Cause – The main reason for arising such kind of problem is related to short-circuit.

Solution 1

The ideal solution for this problem type we have for you is to disconnect all the connections of the motherboard. And, the, you should try to reconnect all the connections as they were before. This will solve the problem of a loose connection.

Solution 2

If you see the disconnecting and reconnecting thing doesn’t solve the problem, then we would recommend you to buy a new motherboard for your hoverboard.

  • Red Light Flashing 2 Times

Problem – When you see your hoverboard is showing red light flashing 2 times, it means that the problem is regarding the internal circuitry of your hoverboard. You should also remember that such a problem type may also indicate that your hoverboard won’t keep the balancing thing according to your expectations.

Cause – In the motherboard of your hoverboard, a blue-colored wire may seem to be a faulty one.


For this kind of problem, you have to solve the internal circuit problem meaning changing the previously mentioned blue colored wire. To do so, you can purchase a good quality replacement kit for the hoverboard circuit board.

  • Red Light Flashing 3 Times

Problem – If your hoverboard is showing red light flashing 3 times, then the problem is possibly related to the internal circuit problem. This will also create a problem in having the proper level of balance with your hoverboard. While the footpads of your hoverboard are activated, if you try to tilt past 20-degrees, your hoverboard will start beeping.

Cause – The possible reason could be motherboard failure.


The problem in the internal circuit of the motherboard requires special care and attention. At the same time, you have to use the replacement kit so that you can replace the faulty parts with the fresh parts.

  • Red Light Flashing 4 Times

Problem – When a hoverboard shows red light flashing 4 times, there is likely to be a problem regarding the internal motor located at the motherboard side. This problem also creates balancing issues on one or even both sides of the hoverboard.

Cause – The most possible reason could be a fault on the short side of the hall. There could be a somewhat broken line between the motor and the motherboard, a sudden movement in the pin, motor wire issue, or could be a circuit board with a bad motor.


The motor located on the motherboard side should be replaced. In this case, you can go for buying a replacement hoverboard motor and then, replace the new one with the existing one.

  • Red Light Flashing 5 Times

Problem – If your hoverboard shows red light flashing 5 times, then the problem is related to the internal motor that is placed on the battery side. This particular problem will also create balancing issues on one or even both sides of your hoverboard.

Cause – This time the possible reason could be a fault in the long side of the hall line. There could be a broken hall line between the motor and the motherboard, a movement in the internal pin, switching of the motor wires, or even a bad quality circuit board of the motor.


The ideal solution would the replacement of the motor on the battery side. In this case, you should purchase a replacement hoverboard motor and then, replace the new motor with the existing one inside your hoverboard.

  • Red Light Flashing 6 Times

Problem – When your hoverboard shows red light flashing 6 times, it indicates that your hoverboard has a somewhat bad quality battery.

Cause – This kind of problem may occur if the batter experiences a low voltage while the charging is going on. Besides, if the battery protection or management system is somewhat faulty, then such kind of problem may also be shown.


The ‘BEST’ solution for the mentioned type of problem we have for you is to go for replacing the current battery of your battery. While looking for a replacement battery, you have to keep in mind that the black ones are regarded to be the ‘BEST’ batteries that possess the Samsung battery cells.

Simultaneously, it is also essential for you to have a clear knowledge regarding charging your hoverboard the right way. If you follow proper guidelines while charging your self-balancing scooter, you can also avoid various types of unwanted problems.

  • Red Light Flashing 7 Times

Problem – When a hoverboard shows red light flashing 7 times, this means that the gyroscopes may have become obsolete.

Cause – The most possible reason could be some sort of fault at the gyroscope located on the battery side of your hoverboard. Such a thing may happen due to unbalanced interface alignment, pin deviation, or even an unstable socket.

Solution -1

You can go for replacing the gyroscopes of your hoverboard.

Solution -2

We would recommend buying and replacing the full circuit board as the ‘BEST’ solution. In this case, you have to put your focus on certain important factors – version, brand, and voltage must match with the existing gyroscopes of your hoverboard.

  • Red Light Flashing 8 Times

Problem – If your hoverboard shows red light flashing 8 times, it also indicates a problem with the gyroscopes of your hoverboard.

Cause – The reasons could be an unstable socket or poor alignment of the interface.


The ‘BEST’ sort of solution we have for you is to buy a new full circuit board and make replacement with the existing one.

  • Red Light Flashing 9 Times on Motherboard

Problem – In this case, you will see the red light flashing 9 times on the motherboard. It may not accompany other problems with it.

Cause – This kind of mysterious type of flashing occurs only when your hoverboard was switched on keeping it upside down.


Giving a restart to your hoverboard will be enough as the solution for such a problem type.

2. How To Fix A Hoverboard That Won’t Turn On

When you face problems like you cannot turn your hoverboard on, the first thing you should do is checking whether your hoverboard has the required amount of charge or not. While doing this checking, if you do not find any green light showing on the charger box, it means that the internal circuits of your hoverboard have gone bad.


The most appropriate solution we have for you is to replace the internal circuits. However, if you see the green light is showing on the charger box, then try to switch on your hoverboard. But, if you see some sort of orange flashing light, then the problem is regarding the battery of your hoverboard.


For the orange light problem, we recommend you to replace the battery of your hoverboard.

According to our research and tests, we have found that if you can manage the top-rated hoverboards, then you can avoid this particular problem. If the rider is your kid, then you should always be careful enough while buying the perfect hoverboard for your kids. In this regard, we would suggest you check the reviews of the top-rated hoverboard for kids before making the final purchasing decision.

3. How To Fix A Hoverboard That Turns Off

If your hoverboard does continuous beeping without any break and won’t turn off, then it is high time you should take this matter into your hand.

In this case, you should flip your hoverboard first and then unscrew it. After that, slowly remove the battery. After removing the battery, you’ll see that the noisy beeping has totally stopped.


You should buy a hoverboard repair kit and try to fix the mentioned problem yourself.

Another solution is to purchase a hoverboard from one of the best hoverboard brands like Swagtron. At this moment in time, Swagtron is offering some of the best-rated hoverboards for all types of riders.

4. How To Fix A Hoverboard That Won’t Move

If you’re looking for how to fix a hoverboard that won’t move, then it’s good news for you because the solution is totally ‘SIMPLE’.

This sort of problem occurs when the hoverboard pad gets stuck. And suck of stuck occurs when your hoverboard cannot sense the rider and, as a result, it doesn’t work accordingly.


For such a problem type, the first thing you should do is to switch off your hoverboard. Then, try to push and release the pads so that they can get back to their actual place.

If the above method doesn’t work, then you have to remove the plastic case from the lower part of the hoverboard. And, then try to reposition the pads of the hoverboard. This will work for sure – according to our own experience.

5. How To Fix A Hoverboard Wheel

If you’re looking for how to fix a hoverboard wheel, it is better to know about the most common hoverboard wheel problems first.

A hoverboard may show different types of problems with the wheels. And, for each of those wheel problems, we have a specific solution for you.

In the following, we’re going to discuss the most common hoverboard wheel problems along with the recommended solution.

  • Hoverboard Wheel Locked

Most of the newbies and beginner level riders consider this as a sort of one of the major hoverboard problems. In reality, locked hoverboard wheels seems to be a very common problem. In fact, it is a sort of default feature that comes with some hoverboards with the aim of ensuring safety and unusual movements.

Hoverboards having locking mechanism may be a sort of potential hazard for any rider. Good news is that there is lock and unlock buttons on the remote of every hoverboard. To use your newly bought hoverboard, you have to press the button designated for unlocking your hoverboard.

Whenever you finish a ride, we recommend you to lock the hoverboard using the lock button of the remote. Keeping the hoverboard wheels locked after each ride will help you avoid any unnecessary movement of your hoverboard on your next ride.

At the same time, the locking feature of the hoverboard wheels will also work for preventing your hoverboard from being stolen.

  • Hoverboard Wheel Noise

If your hoverboard wheels make noise, then it can be disturbing and irritating as well. This kind of annoying sound will conflict with your expectations of a smooth ride. Although this is more of a common problem type, we recommend you to go for the solution with a higher level of attention and caution.

This sort of sound represents in the form of a click. Most of the riders experience such kind of problem due to prolonged use without taking any break. For the prevention of such a problem, we suggest you tighten the nuts and screws maintaining a regular interval.

If you don’t take proper steps to stop such noise, there are chances that it may arise some other problems in the near future.

So, we advise you to apply the mentioned procedure to get rid of such a problem.

  • Hoverboard Wheel Rubbing

This problem known as hoverboard wheel rubbing may occur for a variety of reasons. The most common cause could be the distance between the wheel of the hoverboard and the guard.

To get rid of this problem, you can try the following steps:

  1. You have to open the rubbing wheel side. Make sure to be prepared for disassembling your hoverboard.
  2. Now, you have to remove the clip that is connected to the guard and light. This will make the disassembling procedure a bit easier.
  3. Inside the side of the wheel you just opened, you’ll find a black colored box known as circuit box. Above that box, you’ll see a clamp that works for supporting the wheels. On that portion, you’ll find 4 screws that you have to unscrew.
  4. Following the above steps will allow the wheel of your hoverboard to move vertically. Doing this you’ll get an idea about that wheel that was trying to rub the clamp. Now, you have to make necessary adjustments in such a way so that the wheel no more rubs against the clamp.
  5. The problem is now solved. Finally, you have to assemble all the parts of your hoverboard that you just disassembled.
  6. And, you’re good to go with your hoverboard for a smoother ride.

Wrapping Up

At any point in time, you can face any kind of hoverboard problem. So, it is very important for you to have complete knowledge regarding how to fix a hoverboard.

Throughout the above discussion, we have tried to cover almost all the hoverboard problems and solutions.

In order to make the whole picture clearer to you, we have explained each hoverboard problem with the respecting solution that we think is ‘BEST’ for you.

We believe that if you follow the above guidelines regarding how to fix your hoverboard, then you can solve any sort of hoverboard problem.

However, if you are facing any hoverboard problem that is not mentioned above, then you can send us a message describing your problem in detail.

We’ll make a thorough analysis of your hoverboard problem and then, we can provide you with the BEST kind of solution applicable for your piece of the problem.

Lastly, if you want to keep yourself updated with all the latest hoverboard tips and tricks, then follow the blog posts of this site.

This is all we have for you TODAY!


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