How To Reset A Hoverboard? [It’s Easy If You Do It Smart]

Are you having trouble balancing on the hoverboard? Are you looking for the right method on how to reset a hoverboard? Well, if the hoverboard is giving you a headache and its constant abrupt behavior is getting on your nerves then you have come to the right place. No worries. It’s time to give the hoverboard a reset to get it back to its tip-top shape.

Due to the misconfiguration in the hoverboard, it can face trouble identifying the surface. Giving a quick fix to the hoverboard is seen to eliminate the problems you’re facing. The best part is, you will not have to spend a dime while giving it a reset.

We have come up with this simple guide that will help you reset the hoverboard in a jiffy. So, keep reading and get ready to rock the floor with your hoverboard.

How to Reset a Hoverboard

This basic guide will help you with most hoverboards of different hoverboard brands out there. However, some models may include a different approach. Make sure that you always check the instruction manual that comes with the board to ensure that you’re following the right processes.

  • Always turn the hoverboard off before resetting it. This will ensure that there is no electrical damage done to the board. Some hoverboards come with remote control. So, you’re probably thinking that turning it off with the remote control will suffice. Well, no. You must turn it off using the switch on the board to ensure that it’s turned off completely.
  • Whenever you’re resetting the hoverboard, you need to place it on the right type of surface you’re going to use it for. Hoverboards are mostly used on a flat surface, so make sure that both sides of the board are placed on a flat surface while you reset it. The hoverboard will be reset based on the surface level it’s at.
  • You also need to keep the foot pedals in a parallel position to the ground. This step is as important as the previous one as otherwise, the hoverboard may do involuntary actions that you’re not looking for. This will help the board to get an estimation of the distance between the surface and the board.
  • Once everything is in position, turn the hoverboard on by pressing the power button. You need to hold the power button for around 10 seconds. You can let the button go once you hear a beep and see an LED light flash on it.
  • Now press the power button again and turn it off. Repeat this procedure three times to reset the hoverboard on your preferred surface.

Reset with Bluetooth

You can reset your Bluetooth hoverboard using your smartphone. First, install the specific hoverboard app on your phone and make sure that the Bluetooth is connected to the board. After that put the board on a flat smooth surface to ensure that it’s calibrated properly.

Reset With Bluetooth
Reset With Bluetooth

You will find an option on the app “calibrate the unit”. Once you click on it, the board will automatically start to reset itself based on the current surface. However, don’t go too overboard with the Bluetooth reset system. Sometimes hoverboards are seen to fry up the Bluetooth chips when it’s reset using the Bluetooth. Do this procedure only if it’s absolutely necessary.

Reset with Remote Control

Resetting the hoverboard using a remote is a bad idea. The remote that the board comes with puts the board on a sleep mode rather than actually turning it off. Therefore, it’s not possible to reset the board using the remote.

Also, avoid the practice of turning the hoverboard off using the remote control. Always turn the board off using the power button on it. This will enhance the life of the hoverboard to a great extent.

Test the Hoverboard

Now that you have reset it, it’s time to check the hoverboard. Get on the board to see if it’s balancing properly on not. Make sure that you ride in all directions to figure out if it’s reset completely. If everything goes fine then it means you have done the process correctly.

However, if you still find it hard to balance or the hoverboard is not holding onto the surface then follow the above procedures again and check. Always read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer to get an in-depth idea of the overall process.

When should I Reset the Hoverboard?

It’s vital that you reset the hoverboard at the right time when it’s needed. But, how do I figure out the right time? Well, we have some tips that will help you figure out if your hoverboard requires a reset or not.

Sometimes the hoverboard is seen to turn on one side more than the other. Many people also complain that their hoverboard is in perfect balance but it tends to spin around. Also, often the hoverboard will beep but it will not let you take off. Some people also complain that the hoverboard starts to shake when they’re going uphill or downhill.

These are some of the scenarios that indicate your hoverboard needs a reset. There are tons of other problems that resetting the hoverboard will help to fix.  We have mentioned the most common ones that people face. If you encounter any of the above-mentioned problems then you should immediately reset the hoverboard.

Some Tips and Safety Measures

Following some simple safety rules and precautionary measures will let your hoverboard last longer. Like any other electric device and appliance, you need to handle them with care to extend their lifecycle.

Get a Quality Hoverboard

Well, this one is a no brainer actually. It’s more likely that you will get better output from the board when you buy it from a name brand. Always read reviews online or from users to know more about the features, pros, and cons of the product. This will help you invest your money on the best one and make the most out of the hoverboard.

Well, you can also check out one of our highly acclaimed articles the best hoverboard for kids here.

Don’t Charge Overnight

This is 2020 and for the love of all the puppies in the world, don’t charge your electric devices overnight. Many people have this misconception that if you charge it overnight then it will last longer. Well, that’s absolutely no the case.

There have been a few incidents where hoverboards are caught on fire or exploded due to overcharging. It only takes about an hour or two to fully charge the hoverboard. Try to stay nearby the device while it switches the power off when it’s full.

Don’t Drain All the Charge

This is basically hoverboard 101. Don’t suck up all the charges and then let the device charge. It’s a bad practice. Always put it on charge when it has at least about 20% to 30% percent charge remaining. Most hoverboards have a battery indicator that will notify you when you’re running out of charge. Juice up the device once you see it’s low on battery.

Charge it before Resetting

Always fully charge the hoverboard before resetting it. Sometimes, the hoverboard tends to act up differently if it’s not properly charged. Charging it to full will ensure that it’s delivering the optimum performance and help you to reset it properly.

Never Beat it up too Much

Every device has a threshold up to which it can withstand. We understand that hoverboards are very intriguing and it’s hard to keep your legs off them. Hoverboards are run on volatile lithium-ion batteries so you should handle the hoverboard with care.

Wear Safety Gears

It may take a while to get a grasp at hoverboard riding and you can get seriously injured if you’re not wearing proper safety gear. Safety gears are not a necessity if you’re riding at home. However, if you take your board out then you should always wear a helmet, gloves, and knee pads to stay protected against injuries. You may skip the gears if you’re a pro or riding on soft surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I charge my hoverboard?

Answer: Charging a hoverboard following the right way is one of those crucial jobs for any hoverboard rider. It is vital for you to follow all the necessary guidelines regarding charging a hoverboard.

2. What are the most common hoverboard charging problems?

Answer: Among varied types of hoverboard problems, one of the most common is known as the charging problems of a hoverboard.

When you experience any problem with your hoverboard, at that time, it is wise not to take any steps without knowing the way to fix it. That’s why I always suggest gathering a clear concept of hoverboard charging problems before you take any step.

3. How hoverboards work?

Answer: If you have passions for hoverboard riding, it is quite common that you will be interested in knowing how hoverboards actually work. To be honest, the hoverboard is a like device from the future that maintains some specific working principle. Of course, this is complicated stuff which is not easy-to-understand for general people.

However, if you are keen enough to study this matter, you can check out this detailed article written on the hoverboard working principle.

Final Thoughts

Hoverboards have gained massive popularity in the past decade. They’re more than a mode of locomotion as they have become a style statement as well. Riding a hoverboard is surely fun, however, if the board is not set up properly on the right surface then it can act abruptly that can turn your joyride into a mere blunder.

Make sure that the board is always set up for the surface you’re going to ride it on. Resetting the hoverboard is not rocket science and you can do it following the simple steps that we mentioned at the beginning of the article. We included multiple methods of resetting so that you stay prepared no matter what brand or model you’re using.

We believe our thoughtful discussion on how to reset a hoverboard can help you with the right kind of solution that you have been looking for.

And, don’t forget to follow the safety tips and always wear safety gear to stay protected. Also, different states have different rules regarding hoverboard riding and it’s highly important that you abide by them.

So, reset that hoverboard and get ready to rock your ride!

Lastly, if you are interested in getting yourself updated with the latest hoverboard news and reviews, don’t forget to visit this website.

This is all I had for you this time.

Happy Riding!

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