Swagtron T380 Review – Elite Hoverboard With Bluetooth Speaker

For every hoverboard rider, it is very IMPORTANT to check the reviews of the hoverboards before buying any random one. At present, the model Swagtron T380 is one of the most popular hoverboards. An in-depth Swagtron t380 review can help you with all the needed information you need to know before you can make the final decision.

It is pretty much evident that the manufacturing companies will not tell all the truth about their products. And this theory is also applicable when your concern is about the Swagtron t380 hoverboard.

In this article, I am going to write a detailed review of Swagtron t380 hoverboard. With the help of this review, I will talk about all the features of Swagtron t380 hoverboard, along with the Pros and Cons.

Before I start writing the review, I must tell you that I have tested this hoverboard myself to examine all the aspects of this hoverboard model.

For your information, being a hoverboard fanatic, I find it very pleasant to share reviews of different hoverboard models. The main aim of my hoverboard reviews is to help all those hoverboard lovers who don’t have the required knowledge to choose the right one.

Well, it is TIME I should start this discussion regarding the Swagtron t380 hoverboard review.

Swagtron T380 Review

To make this discussion on the review of Swagtron t380 hoverboard a convenient one for you, I am going to divide the entire thing into a few sections. And each of the following sections carries equal importance giving useful information about Swagtron t380 elite hoverboard.

So, for a better understanding of the topic, you can’t skip a single section.

Brand Profile – Swagtron T380 Hoverboard

The model Swagtron t380 is also known by the name Pink Swagtron Hoverboard. And, Yes, you have guessed it right – this hoverboard model is from one of the most prominent brands named Swagtron.

Swagtron is a USA based company where ‘mobility’ is the main point of priority. This company is a combination of market leaders and innovators.  And, you will be totally amazed to know that Swagtron is the Number 1 electric “E-Rideables” brand.

As of this date, Swagtron has successfully brought a wide range of hoverboards in the market with distinctive features and functions. You can check out all the Top Rated Swagtron Hoverboard Reviews to gather more ideas about the latest hoverboard models of this brand.

In addition to hoverboards, this brand also manufactures skateboards, e-bikes, scooters, and other devices as well.

The t380 swagboard from Swagtron is one of the best hoverboards for adults at this moment in time.

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at a glance

  • Dimensions – 22.5 x 7.5 x 7 inches.
  • Weight – 24 pounds.
  • Top Speed – 8mile/hour
  • Battery Type – Lithium-ion.
  • Certification – UL2272 Certification
  • Warranty – 1-Year Limited warranty

Special Features – Pink Swagtron Hoverboard T380

  • Multi-mode Riding.
  • Upgraded Motors.
  • Self-Balancing Technology.
  • Speed & Performance.
  • App-Enabled.
  • Bluetooth Speakers.
  • Battery Indicators.
  • Upgraded Software.
  • UL2272 Certification.

Detailed Features & Benefits – Swagtron T380 Review

In this section of my Swagtron t380 review, I am going to describe all the features of this Elite Hoverboard.

Keep on reading to get yourself acquainted with the details of all the features…

Multi-Mode Riding Functionality

The model Swagtron t380 hoverboard comes with this AMAZING feature called the multi-mode riding functionality.

The riding mode of this hoverboard is tailored in a way so that any type of rider can find it as a convenient one.

This hoverboard basically offers 3 different riding modes which are as follows –

  1. Learning Mode.
  2. Standard Mode
  3. Advanced Mode.

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No matter you are a seasoned or beginner level rider, you won’t face any problem while riding on the t380 pink Swagtron hoverboard for the Learning Mode.

You can switch to Learning Mode from Standard Mode with the help of pushing a button. And, when the learning mode activates, it tailors the device according to your needs.

At the same time, the expert riders can activate the Advanced Mode and PERFORM their desired types of stunts.

Upgraded Motors

Swagtron t380 Hoverboard Review

Swagtron t380 Hoverboard Review

In this Swagtron t380 reviews, I have found the upgraded motors of this device as the most significant feature.

You would be totally astonished to know that the model t380 swagboard from Swagtron enjoys an upgraded 250-Watt motor, which I think is an absolute phenomenon.

At the same time, this upgraded and powerful motor comes with a special sort of gear stabilization system that ensures tighter traction.

With this robust motor, you can hope to get all the POWER you need for trying all of those cool hoverboard tricks.

Self-Balancing Technology

It would be totally unfair if I forget to mention the feature self-balancing technology while writing a review of Swagtron t380 hoverboard.

This hoverboard features the latest self-balancing technology that makes it the ideal hoverboard for the beginners. At the same time, your kids will also find this hoverboard as a user-friendly because of this self-balancing technology.

This exclusive technology will let you stay level on the footpads of this hoverboard without falling on the ground. Even if you have no previous experience with riding a hoverboard, then you don’t need to get tensed.

Speed & Performance

When it comes to Speed and Performance, the t380 pink Swagtron hoverboard can beat any of its competitors without any doubt.

Here, you can take a look at the best rated swagtron t8 hoverboard reviews.

With this hoverboard model, you can reach the top speed up to 8 miles per hour, which I think is just superb. At the same time, you can hope to enjoy a ride covering a distance of 11 miles max, when this device has a full charge.

To describe the PERFORMANCE of this hoverboard, I am just looking for words. The pro riders will find the Swagtron t380 hoverboard as a very efficient one because of the upgraded motor, which I have already explained.


While writing this Swagtron t380 review, I have found that the App-Enabled is one of the BEST features of this hoverboard model.

With the help of the App, you can easily control the riding mode of this hoverboard using your smartphone. Just by giving commands using the App, you can activate the Advanced Mode whenever you need this particular mode.

To use the App, you need to download the App called Swagtron from Google Play Store or App Store. And then, you have to install that app on your phone to convert your smartphone as a remote controller for this hoverboard.

Bluetooth Speaker

Swagtron t380 Hoverboard

Swagtron t380 Hoverboard

The Bluetooth feature of this hoverboard is another AWESOME feature that I have really liked.

With this particular feature, you get the flexibility of enjoying your favorite music at the time of riding this board. All you need to do is to connect the Bluetooth speakers of this device with your smartphone. And then you can play any music or song depending on your tastes and choices.

According to my experience, riding a hoverboard with enjoying the favorite music gives a pleasant riding experience.

If you don’t trust me, you can try on your own. And thank me later!

Battery Indicators

Review Of Swagtron t380 Hoverboard

Review Of Swagtron t380 Hoverboard

The battery indicators of the Swagtron t380 hoverboard is another fabulous feature that any rider would like.

This hoverboard model features battery indicator lights placed at the center point of the footpads. This indicator lets you check the life of the battery. So, it helps you to determine how many more hours you will get to ride with the remaining charge.

Besides, there is also an indicator that shows some critical data, which will help you to monitor the overall system within a few seconds.

Upgraded Software

Another great thing about the t380 pink Swagtron hoverboard is the upgraded and latest software. To be frank, with the newest software, you will find this device more handy and user-friendly.

The upgraded software will give you the option of enjoying smoother rides. Also, you will get more responsive

controls with the latest software of this exclusive gadget.

UL2272 Certification

The Swagtron t380 hoverboard comes with the UL-2272 certification. It means that all the samples of this hoverboard model have undergone tested by UL.

UL provides the UL-2272 certificates only when a hoverboard exceeds or meets all the stringent requirements of the UL-2272 standard.

This model t380 hoverboard from Swagtron also meets all of those requirements. That’s why; it has got the UL-2272 certification.

Consequently, it indicates that the t380 model comes with Top-Quality performance of battery charging. This is another reason that has made me fall in LOVE with this pink Swagtron hoverboard.

Built-in Carrying Strap

Swagtron t380 Hoverboard Reviews

Swagtron t380 Hoverboard Reviews

The Swagtron t380 hoverboard comes with a flexible carrying strap that has made this device even a more convenient one.

The built-in carrying strap of this gadget will give you the option of carrying it to anywhere you want to without any hassle. Besides, if the hoverboard gives a low-battery signal, you can end your ride right at that moment. And, carry it back to your home using the carrying strap.

I think that the carrying strap feature of this hoverboard model has made it a more convenient device compared to the competitors’ models.


  • The upgraded software gives you smoother rides with more controls.
  • Self-balancing technology offers a better riding experience for beginners.
  • Multi-mode riding options make it a perfect hoverboard for experts, beginners, and experienced riders.
  • Battery indicators show the battery life.
  • Carrying strap makes it a convenient gadget for any rider.
  • Upgraded motors offer tremendous performance.
  • The top speed is also incredible.
  • The maximum distance coverage is just fabulous.
  • UL-2272 certification ensures safety.
  • Takes only 2-3 hours for a full charge.
  • Great value for the money.


  • Not an off-road hoverboard model.
  • Not water-resistant.

Why Should You Buy Swagtron T380 Hoverboard?

By this time, you have got to know about all the features along with the pros and cons of the Swagtron t380 hoverboard model.

But, you may be thinking about why you should buy this hoverboard unit. Well, this is one of the most common questions asked by any type of hoverboard rider.

Keeping that in mind, in this Swagtron t380 review, I did a little research about the health benefits of Swagtron t380 hoverboard.

And, now I’m going to tell you about the reasons that will compel you to purchase this hoverboard.

Also, don`t forget to check my cho hoverboard review here.

Let’s GIVE it a START….

A Full-Body Exercise

When you ride this hoverboard unit, you have to move forward and backward continually to maintain your balance. Besides, you also have to keep the body posture completely straight, which is helpful for straight spines.

Moving your body in the mentioned directions will help you prevent any types of humpback, which I believe is just superb.

Apart from your spine, your wrist, feet, hands, legs, shoulder – every body parts experience a complete workout when you ride this hoverboard in the right manner.

Keeps You Mindful

You may be thinking that how a hoverboard can keep you mindful.

Well, when you ride the t380 pick Swagtron hoverboard, you have to keep your focus on maintaining the balance.

When you give your full concentration on riding, it automatically keeps you in your present. As a result, the cerebellum begins to build up in an excessive manner, when you try to keep the balance. And, this helps to improve your mental state as well.

Helps To Burn Fat

When I tested the Swagtron t380 hoverboard, I found some changes to my current body fat. To get a clear understanding of the maximum distance covering range along with the top speed, I spent a minimum of 100 hours while riding with this hoverboard model.

And, I noticed that the Swagtron t380hoverboard works great in burning the excess body fat, which I think is a real health benefit.

At the same time, the self-balancing technology will also help in relaxing the muscles of your legs. And, this is another great health benefit I got from this hoverboard model.

Who Is This Hoverboard For? – Swagtron T380 Hoverboard Reviews

While writing this Swagtron t380 review, I must mention that for whom this hoverboard serves the needed purposes.

Well, based on the riding modes offered by the Swagtron t380, this model is the PERFECT option for the adult riders – beginner, expert, or even the experienced ones.

Although you can choose this hoverboard for your kid, it won’t be a wise decision at all. I personally recommend not picking this hoverboard model for your kids.

You can check the top-rated hoverboard for kids to choose the PERFECT board for your kids.

F​A​Q​’s – Swagtron T380 Reviews

Are Swagtron Hoverboards good?

Well, in the hoverboard business, Swagtron is known to be one of the most leading brands. As of this date, Swagtron has brought a wide range of hoverboard models with attractive features and functions.

You should check out these top-rated Swagtron hoverboards to have a clear concept about the QUALITY of the hoverboard models from Swagtron.

What is the best Swagtron hoverboard?

As I’ve already mentioned, a wide range of hoverboard models from Swagtron are currently available in the market.

To get the best one, you can take a look at the best rated Swagtron hoverboard models. This will help you in getting the PERFECT Swagtron overboard.

How long the charge of the Swagtron t380 hoverboard last?

Well, to be honest, it depends.

Actually, the charge of the battery of the Swagtron t380 hoverboard heavily depends on your riding style. If you ride in a rough manner, then a full charge can last up to 2-3 hours.

But, if you ride this hoverboard maintaining interval, then the full charge may last up to 4 hours.

I would suggest you take a look at how to ride your hoverboard to gain more knowledge regarding this topic.


Now, we are at the ending section of our discussion regarding the Swagtron t380 review.

I am quite sure that I have covered almost everything you should know about this hoverboard model in this review of Swagtron t380 hoverboard.

In the above discussion, I have not only discussed the details of each feature of the Swagtron t380 hoverboard, but I have also tried to tell you the pros and cons of this board.

At the same time, I have also mentioned some health benefits that you can get if you ride the t380 hoverboard model on a regular basis.

However, you can also check other Swagtron t380 reviews to collect more information for making the final decision.

Besides, you can also check out these top quality Swagtron hoverboard models to get yourself acquainted with those other models. Also, you can check the best quality hoverboard for kids, if you intend to buy one for your kids.

This is all I had to share regarding Swagtron t380 hoverboard reviews.

Still, if you have any kind of confusion in your mind, you can feel free to ask for any assistance.

I would love to offer my assistance to help you out.

One last thing – Do not forget your riding experience with the Swagtron t380 hoverboard.

Take Care & Good-Bye!

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