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It is one of the most crucial tasks for every hoverboard rider to check the reviews of a hoverboard before making the final decision to purchase it. In the hoverboard industry, the Swagtron t8 hoverboard has always been a popular choice for a variety of reasons. And, most probably, that’s the reason riders of all ages try to look for Swagtron t8 hoverboard reviews in order to get complete idea about the board.

I also agree with the statement that checking the Swagtron t8 hoverboard review is the right idea before buying the device. A comprehensive review of the hoverboard model will tell you almost everything you must need to know about the particular device.

For the past few months, I have received lots of emails from my readers regarding their needs for a complete review on the Swagtron t8 hoverboard.

So, I made up my mind to fulfill the requests of my readers. And, that’s the reason; today I am here with an in-depth review of Swagtron t8 hoverboard.

In this comprehensive review, I will try to describe almost all the features, the pros, and cons of this board. Besides, I will also share my overall experiences with this hoverboard focusing on each detail.

To be honest, I am very passionate about hoverboards. And probably this is the main reason I find it very amusing while writing reviews of the top rated hoverboard models.

Let’s start our discussion focusing on Swagtron t8 hoverboard….

Swagtron t8 Hoverboard Reviews
Swagtron t8 Hoverboard Reviews

Why Should You Read Swagtron Hoverboard Reviews?

It is an obvious question that may come into your mind, which is why you should read the Swagtron hoverboard reviews.

Well, studying a review on any particular product, especially an electronic device, is like a must. A comprehensive review will tell you all the functionalities of that device.

In the case of Swagtron hoverboard t8 reviews, the reason is more or less the same. From this review, you will get an overall idea about this hoverboard model.

At the same time, you will be able to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of this Swagtron t8 hoverboard unit.

Besides, manufacturing companies usually don’t tell the negative sides of their products. But, a review can help you with knowing all of those negative things (if found).

And, this same theory is also applicable for the Swagtron t8 hoverboard as well.

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Swagtron T8 Hoverboard Reviews – An In-Depth Discussion

Since this is going to be a long discussion on the Swagtron hoverboard review, so I have decided to divide the entire article into a few sections. For your information, each of these sections is full of information that is vital for any passionate hoverboard rider.

Therefore, I would suggest you read all of the following sections without even skipping a single one –

Brand Profile – Swagtron T8 Hoverboard

This model Swagtron T8 hoverboard is also known as another name which is Swagtron Duro T8 hoverboard. And, this particular hoverboard model is brought to you by one of the most renowned brands named Swagtron.

Swagtron is a company that is famous for manufacturing different types of electronic devices, especially the riding ones. The head office of this company is located in the United States of America. It is a type of company where innovators and market leaders meet to bring something unique and efficient for the consumers. Their main priority has always been one single term – ‘Mobility’.

Till now, Swagtron has introduced a lot of hoverboard models with amazing functions and features. To get an idea about their models, you can take a look at the Best Rated Swagtron Hoverboard Reviews. This will help you get yourself acquainted with the top class hoverboard models of this brand.

Besides, this company is also famous for manufacturing scooters, e-bikes, skateboards, and some other electronic devices as well.

At the current time, the Swagtron t8 hoverboard is one of the best choices for adults and teenagers.

Key Specifications – Swagtron T8 Review

  • Dimensions – 22.5 x 7.5 x 7 inches.
  • Weight – 24 pounds.
  • Top Speed – 7 miles/hour.
  • Battery Type – 1 Lithium-free battery (included).
  • Certification – UL2272 Certification.
  • Warranty – 1-Year Limited warranty.

Special Features – Swagboard Duro T8 Hoverboard Review

  • Powerful Motor.
  • Durable Steel Casing.
  • IPX4 Water-resistant Design.
  • Start-Up Balancing.
  • Amazing Performance.
  • Powerful Climbing Capability.
  • Bold Look.
  • Lithium-free Battery.
  • Low Battery Indicator.
  • UL2272 Certification.

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Detailed Features & Benefits – Swagtron T8 Hoverboard Review

Swagtron t8 Review
Swagtron t8 Review

If you have any confusion about making the final decision regarding whether to buy the Swagtron T8 hoverboard, then this is the most IMPORTANT section for you.

Here, I am going to describe all the major features of the Swagtron Duro T8 Hoverboard, along with my experience as well.

Keep on reading with your full attention so that you don’t miss any critical point to note down –

Powerful Motor

The Swagtron t8 hoverboard enjoys powerful 200-Watt dual motors, which I have found one of the BEST features of this hoverboard unit.

Such kind of robust motor gives you the flexibility of enjoying the ride without facing any issue.

At the same time, you can ride on the rough surfaces without any major difficulty because of the powerful dual motor.

Durable Steel Casing

One of the BEST features of the Swagtron t8 hoverboard is the durable steel casing. The case of this hoverboard unit is made of heavy-duty steel. So, you can hope to get durability as well as longevity from this hoverboard unit.

Besides, the durable steel casing is also designed in a way so that it can face the obstacles and bumps of the road with great swag.

At the same time, the steel casing also makes it a hoverboard that can support up to the weight of 200 lbs.

IPX4 Water-Resistant Design

The IPX4 water-resistant design of this hoverboard model is another fantastic feature that I must let you know.

Because of the mentioned time water-resistance feature, you can perform critical stunts with proper safety. It will also allow you to cross any block without having any difficulty.

At the same time, you can even swag through puddles for that IPX4 water-resistant feature.

Start-Up Balancing

The start-up balancing technology that comes with the Swagtron t8 hoverboard is one of the many features that I have loved most.

No matter how experienced a rider you are, the start-up balancing technology will turn the board into fitting your needs.

This special kind of balancing feature allows this device to level automatically when you turn on the board. At the same time, this hoverboard will also make auto stabilization for that balancing technology. And, all of these turn this hoverboard into an easier to ride board for both advanced and beginner riders.

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This indicates that the Swagtron t8 hoverboard is the PERFECT gadget for all types of riders.

Amazing Performance

Swagboard duro t8 Hoverboard Reviews
Swagboard duro t8 Hoverboard Reviews

The Swagtron t8 hoverboard has been built to provide PERFORMANCE with safety. And, this combination has always been the dream for a rider of any type.

When this hoverboard is fully charged, you can enjoy a pleasant riding experience up to six miles. Besides, you can reach the top speed of 7 miles per hour with this hoverboard model.

For performing any kind of critical trick, you don’t need to make a second thought when you have the Swagtron t8 hoverboard.

With this hoverboard, you can hope to practice these cool hoverboard tricks without any problem.

Powerful Climbing Capability

With the Swagtron Duro t8 hoverboard, you can overcome all those sidewalk inclines and pesky campus hills.

The powerful dual motor of this hoverboard, along with the 6-inch high-quality rubber tires, will help you in climbing inclines of up to 30-degree.

According to my riding experience, I can tell that you will have no issues while performing those toughest stunts on the sidewalks.

The entire credit goes to the manufacturers and designers of the Swagtron Duro t8 hoverboard.

Bold Look

This hoverboard model comes with an attractive design with the addition of the ‘Bold New Look’. Riders of any age or type will surely fall in love with the design of this hoverboard right after the first look.

You can stand out of the crowd when you have the duro t8 hoverboard from Swagtron. And, just rock the hoverboard world.

Besides, the bold new look and attractive design also offer an exclusive geometric look that is just wow.

If you are looking for a hoverboard that comes with a stylish look, then the duro t8 hoverboard is the PERFECT option available for you.

Lithium-free Battery

The Swagtron t8 hoverboard comes with a lithium-free battery that ensures zero emissions. So, with this particular self-balancing scooter, you can enjoy a ride that is reliable, fast, and completely green.

If you are the type of rider who cares for the environment, then the t8 model is the right choice for you.

Low Battery Indicator

The Swagtron Duro t8 self-balancing scooter gives a low-battery warning when the battery of the device is low.

And, the low-battery signal is more like a beep or vibrate. So, you don’t need to worry if your device suddenly starts beeping or vibrating while you are out with your board and performing different hoverboard tricks.

Another reason for which this hoverboard may vibrate is the low-rider weight. When the sensors of the foot pedal detect that the weight of the rider is lower than the recommended, it starts vibrating at that moment.

In that case, it won’t be safe for that rider to ride with this hoverboard. Even if the rider attempts to ride at that time, it can cause any kind of unwanted accidents.

Therefore, it is better to be SAFE than taking any risk.

But, you have to stop your ride right at that very moment when it starts beeping. It is not recommended to continue your ride with this hoverboard when the battery low.

UL2272 Certification

While writing the Swagtron t8 hoverboard review, it would be totally unfair if I don’t mention the UL2272 certification.

First, you have to know what this UL2272 certification is.

A product is given the UL2272 certification only when the parts and components of the product pass the tests of UL.

In the case of Duro t8 self-balancing scooter, it has passed all the safety and electrical tests. And that’s the reason this hoverboard model has got the UL2272 certification.

So, if you are looking for a safe hoverboard, then you can choose the Swagtron Duro t8 hoverboard without any doubt.


  • Attractive design with bold new look.
  • Powerful climbing capability.
  • The durable casing ensures longevity and durability.
  • The lithium-free battery ensures reliable, fast, and green ride.
  • A powerful dual-motor offers performance.
  • The low-battery warning gives an additional advantage.
  • Start-up balancing technology makes it a perfect hoverboard for all types of riders.
  • The maximum range with a full charge is great.
  • UL2272 certificate ensures safety.
  • Great value for the money.


  • The top speed is not up to the mark.
  • Not a waterproof hoverboard.

Why Should You Buy Swagtron T8 Hoverboard?

As of now, you have got to know about all the features of the Swagtron t8 hoverboard with full details. Besides, you have also come to know the pros and cons of this hoverboard model.

But, a common question that may come into your mind at this moment is – why you should buy the Swagtron t8 hoverboard.

To give the perfect answer to the above question, I have designed this particular section.

In the following, I will talk about the reasons for which you should buy the Swagtron t8 hoverboard.

  • With the Swagtron Duro t8 hoverboard, you get the opportunity of having a full-body exercise. And, such kind of exercise keeps you fit and healthy. So, if you ride this hoverboard on a regular basis, you can easily experience a full-body workout without even going to the gym.
  • The Swagtron t8 swagboard keeps you mindful and fresh all the time of a day if you ride this hoverboard on a daily basis.
  • The lithium-free battery of this hoverboard ensures a green ride, which is one of the main reasons you should buy this hoverboard.
  • The UL-2272 certification of this hoverboard makes it a safer hoverboard. So, you can buy this hoverboard model, if safe riding is your main point of concern.

Who Is This Hoverboard For? – Swagtron T8 Hoverboard Reviews

Since you are reading this Swagtron t8 review, so it is apparent that you want to know – ‘who is this hoverboard for’.

According to the research I have done, I have found that the Swagtron duro t8 hoverboard is the perfect board for both advanced and beginner riders.

At the same time, you can buy this hoverboard for your kids as well. But, in this case, you have to focus on the weight limit of this hoverboard model.

Another thing you should remember that you cannot choose this hoverboard for kids below 8 years old.

You can take a look at these high-quality hoverboard models for kids to get the ideal board for your kids.

Frequently Asked Questions – Swagtron T8 Hoverboard Review

1. Why does the Swagtron t8 hoverboard beep?

Answer: The Swagtron t8 hoverboard beeps when the battery of the board is low.

This device beeps to give a low-battery signal to the rider. So, when you experience any beeping, you have to stop your ride immediately. And, plug-in the charger for giving charge to the board.

2. Why does the Swagtron t8 hoverboard vibrate?

Answer: The possible reasons your t8 hoverboard can vibrate is due to the low-weight rider.

This basically happens when the weight of the rider is below the indicated minimum weight. So, when a rider with below the recommended weight puts feet on the foot pedal, the device may start vibrating.

In that case, it won’t be safe for the rider to attempt a ride with this hoverboard model.

Final Verdict

So, we have finally reached the ending part of this comprehensive discussion on the Swagtron t8 hoverboard review.

I am pretty much sure that I have covered everything, including the features, pros, and cons of the Swagtron duro t8 hoverboard in this review.

Besides, I have also explained the benefits you can get from this hoverboard unit as well. I believe that the benefits of this hoverboard will play a vital role in making the final decision of whether you will purchase this device.

If you want more information, you can also check other Swagtron t8 hoverboard reviews as well.

Well, this is all I wanted to share regarding the Swagtron Duro t8 hoverboard review.

Still, if you have any kind of queries, you can send me a message.

I will try my level best to HELP you in this case.

One more thing – Do share your riding experiences with the Swagtron Duro t8 hoverboard with me as I would love to hear anything that relates to a hoverboard.


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