Swagtron T881 Review – Lithium-Free Hoverboard For Kids

All the cautious riders do proper research for the hoverboard reviews before buying any random one. And, this same theory is applicable when it comes to deciding on purchasing the Swagtron Twist T881 hoverboard. Before you make the final purchasing decision, it is the wisest decision to look for the Swagtron t881 review.

To be honest, an in-depth review of the Swagtron t881 hoverboard will help you get a clear idea about the features of the board. Besides, it will help you to understand that buying this hoverboard model will be the right decision or not.

At the same time, the manufacturing companies do not always reveal the weakness of their products while displaying digital advertisements like online ads or TVC.

Therefore, it is like a must to check the reviews of any electronic product that you are going to buy.

In this article, I am going to make an in-depth discussion regarding the Swagtron swagboard twist t881 review. Throughout this review article, I will try to cover almost everything that you need to know about this hoverboard model.

Besides, I will also discuss each feature of this hoverboard model as detail as possible. In addition, I will also tell you about the pros and cons of the Swagtron t881 hoverboard based on my personal experience.

Honestly speaking, being a fanatic rider, playing with hoverboards has been a passion for me. And probably that’s the reason I always find it very satisfying to write reviews of the best rated hoverboards.

Let’s give a start to this discussion, which is about the review of the Swagtron twist t881 hoverboard….

Why Should You Read This Swagtron T881 Hoverboard Review?

Before I begin my discussion on the Swagtron twist t881 hoverboard review, I would like to tell you about the reasons that will force you to read this.

Well, a complete review of any electronic product is like a must. The most primary reason is it helps you to get to know the details of that product.

In this case of the Swagtron t881 hoverboard reviews, the reason is pretty much the same. By reading this comprehensive review, you will be able to get an overall picture of this board.

At the same time, you will also get yourself acquainted with the STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES of this board as well.

I hope that you have already understood why you should read this review article on the Swagtron twist t881 hoverboard.

Now, it is time to fasten your seat belt as the real show is just about to begin….

Swagtron T881 Review – A Detailed Discussion

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  • Dimensions – 24 x 7 x 7 inches.
  • Weight – 23 pounds.
  • Top Speed – 7 miles/hour.
  • Battery Type – 1 Lithium-free battery (included).
  • Certification – UL2272 Certification.
  • Warranty – 1-Year Limited warranty.
  • ​Swagtron T881Self Balancing Hoverboard

    In the beginning, I want to inform you of the fact that it is going to a long discussion as I will try to cover almost everything about the Swagtron Twist T881 hoverboard.

    So, I have decided to divide the whole discussion into several sections. I believe that it will help you to get a clear understanding of each of the following sections.

    Your job is to read the whole review without even skipping any section –

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    Brand Profile – Swagtron T881 Hoverboard

    This model Swagtron twist t881 hoverboard is one of those many creations of the brand Swagtron. I am quite sure that every rider, no matter beginner or expert, must have heard this brand name ‘Swagtron’ when the topic is about hoverboard.

    This Company Swagtron has earned popularity from different parts of the world because of introducing a wide range of electric devices, especially the riding ones. This is the place where Market Leaders and Innovators work together with the sole purpose of bringing something special and unique for the end level users.

    As of this date, Swagtron has made it possible to bring lots of hoverboard models. And each of those models offers varied functions and features. To know the best-rated models, you can check out this comprehensive review article on the top-rated  Swagtron hoverboard reviews.

    At the same time, Swagtron has also been actively involved in designing and developing skateboards, e-bikes, along with some other electric rides as well.

    At this moment in time, the Swagtron twist t881 hoverboard is one of the best hoverboards for kids. You can also check out the best hoverboard for kids if your primary concern is to purchase a hoverboard for your kid.

    Special Features – Swagtron Twist T881 Review

    • Powerful & Robust motor.
    • Auto-balancing technology.
    • High-quality ABS casing.
    • Incredible Performance.
    • 5-inch Rubber Tires.
    • Eye-catching design.
    • Battery & System Indicator.
    • Amazing Climbing Capability.
    • Efficient Lithium-free battery.
    • SentryShield Quantum Technology
    • UL2272 Certification.

    Detailed Features & Benefits – Swagtron T881 Hoverboard Reviews

    swagtron t881 hoverboard reviews

    swagtron t881 hoverboard reviews

    In this section, I am going to talk about the features of the Swagtron twist t881 hoverboard in detail.

    So, if you are having any indecision about whether to purchase this hoverboard model or not, then I can assure you that it is the most IMPORTANT section for you.

    In addition, I will share my personal experiences with this hoverboard model so that you can get an idea about how it performs in a real-life scenario.

    Here, you can check out the swagtron t380 review.

    Your job is to read the following pieces of sections with your full concentration….

    Powerful & Robust motor

    The Swagtron twist t881 hoverboard comes with dual 250-watt robust motors, which I believe is one of the most fantastic features of this board.

    Such sort of powerful motors offers the flexibility you need for performing any kind of extreme hoverboard tricks.

    Besides, you won’t face any kind of problem or difficulty while riding on those rough surfaces for the powerful dual motors of this hoverboard unit.

    Auto-Balancing Technology

    Swagtron swagboard twist t881 review

    Swagtron swagboard twist t881 review

    Another fantastic feature of the Swagtron t881 advanced LED hoverboard is the auto-balancing technology. And, trust me guys, this feature is probably the main reason that has kept this hoverboard model a step ahead of its competitors.

    You may be wondering – ‘Why?’

    Well, the main reason for engineering this advanced balancing technology to this Twist Remix is to let those newcomers become an expert with ease.

    When this feature is activated, it becomes easier for you to mount and dismount this board. It has been possible because this model gets an automatic balance whenever you power on the device.

    This latest and smart balancing system creates everything smooth for a new rider. As a result, it becomes much easier for beginners, especially the kids, while learning proper balance as well as the more modern riding techniques.

    Hence, I would like to say that the Swagtron twist led advanced hoverboard is one of the best hoverboard models for your kids.

    High-Quality ABS Casing

    Swagtron twist hoverboard reviews

    Swagtron twist hoverboard reviews

    The model Swagtron t881 hoverboard is a durable board that can serve you for a long time. And, it has been possible because of the high-quality ABS casing.

    Because of the durable and high-quality casing, you can also expect an increase in the service life of this board.

    Besides, this high-quality ABS casing is designed in a way so that you won’t face any type of bump or obstacle even when at the time of performing any complicated hoverboard tricks.

    Also, this hoverboard model can carry up to the weight of 200 lbs for the durable ABS casing.

    Incredible Performance

    The Swagtron t881 hoverboard has been designed in a way so that you can enjoy PERFORMANCE as well as SAFETY. And, such kind of combination is like a dream for any rider.

    With a full charge, you can expect to enjoy a pleasant riding trip up to 4.8 miles (data given by the manufacturing company). But, according to my own experience, I have found the maximum distance covering range of this mdoel is nearly 5 miles. Besides, with this hoverboard, you can get the maximum speed of miles per hour, which I think is pretty much decent for the kids.

    If performing critical tricks is your primary point of concern, then you can choose the Swagtron twist t881 hoverboard without any doubt.

    5-inch Rubber Tires

    The manufacturers have tried their BEST to bring something that rides well and looks good at the same time. As a result, they have added the 6.5-inch rubber tires to this hoverboard unit.

    Because of using high-quality rubber tires, you can expect longevity along with a higher level of performance at the same time.

    Besides, the rubber tires will also ensure that it won’t go flat even if you are a rough rider.

    Eye-Catching Design

    In terms of design, the Swagtron t881 self-balancing scooter is just the PERFECT choice for your kids. Although it is mainly designed for kids, the rider of all ages will surely fall in love with this scooter right after their first look.

    To be honest, the eye-catching design of this hoverboard model will keep you aside from the rest. Take this board with you and become the center of attraction in your circle.

    If you are searching for a hoverboard with a stylish look, then the Swagtron twist t881 hoverboard is what you should grab without any second thought.

    Battery & System Indicators

    This model Swagtron twist t881 self-balancing scooter comes with built-in indicators for system diagnostics and battery life.

    The battery indicator will give you a signal when this hoverboard has a low battery. At the same time, you can get to know about the remaining charge of the battery checking the battery indicator.

    The system indicator will give you warnings if it diagnoses any problem with the overall system of your hoverboard. This particular system will serve as a life-saver for any rider.

    Also, there is a movement indicator that will signal the pedestrians whenever you try to turn right, left or come to a stop.

    Lastly, the LED headlights of this self-balancing scooter will help you ride in the dark environments.

    So, if you plan for a hoverboard ride during the night time, then Swagtron twist t881 scooter is the ideal choice available for you.

    Amazing Climbing Capability

    With the Swagtron t881 hoverboard, you will be able to overcome all of those pesky campus hills and sidewalk inclines.

    The robust dual motors, along with the 6.5-inch rubber tires, will assist you in climbing inclines of up to the angle of 30-degree.

    As far as my experiences say, you won’t face any kind of problem while trying the toughest stunts with this hoverboard unit.

    And, YES, the entire credit for the above functions of this hoverboard directly goes to manufacturers and designers.

    Efficient Lithium-Free Battery

    Swagtron twist t881 review

    Swagtron twist t881 review

    This model comes with a lithium-free battery that gives the assurance of zero emissions. As a result, with this hoverboard unit, you can hope to enjoy a ride that is fast, reliable, and completely green.

    Besides, this highly efficient lithium-free battery will complete the full charge within just 5 hours.

    In addition, this Twist Remix hoverboard has passed all the battery charging tests and UL-compliant electrical system tests.

    So, you can get a proper level of safety when you have the Swagtron twist remix advanced led hoverboard.

    SentryShield Quantum Technology

    Another fantastic feature of the Swagtron twist remix self-balancing hoverboard is the patented SentryShield Quantum Technology.

    This particular patented technology provides an additional level of system safeguards for the battery and electrical system of this board.

    This advanced technology offers multi-layer protection against over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuiting.

    Thus, you need to be scared of those hoverboard explosion accidents when you have the Swagtron twist t881 self-balancing scooter model.

    UL2272 Certification

    At the time of writing the Swagtron t881 review, I have to be careful that I must not forget to talk about the UL2272 certification.

    You have to keep in mind that when all the components and parts of a hoverboard pass the UL tests successfully, then it receives a safety certification from UL.

    In this case of the Swagtron twist t881 hoverboard, it has successfully passed all the electrical and safety tests. For those reasons, this model has received the safety certification known as UL2272 certification.

    Hence, if you are looking for a safe hoverboard or your kids, then choosing the Swagtron t881 hoverboard is the best decision you will ever make.


    • Eye-catching design.
    • Powerful climbing capability.
    • High-quality ABS casing ensures durability and longevity.
    • Lithium-free battery ensures fast, reliable, and green ride.
    • Robust dual motors offer performance.
    • Battery indicator shows the remaining charge.
    • System indicators diagnose the overall system functionalities.
    • Movement indicators show indicator lights to the nearby pedestrians.
    • UL2272 certification ensures safety.
    • SentryShield Quantum Technology ensures more safety.
    • Perfect choice for kids.
    • Great value for money.


    • Maximum distance covering range of 4.8 miles is somewhat unsatisfying.
    • Takes around 5 hours for a full charge.
    • Not an excellent device for using in wet weather.

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    Why Should You Buy Swagboard T881 Twist Hoverboard?

    By this time, you have come to know about the features, pros, and cons of the Swagtron t881 hoverboard with the necessary details. Besides, you have got to know why this hoverboard model is one of the best hoverboard models for kids.

    But, at this point, a pervasive question may knock your mind, which is – “why should you buy the Swagtron twist t881 hoverboard?”

    Keeping the above question in my mind, I have specifically designed this particular section.

    So, in the following, you will get the discussion regarding the reasons for which you should buy the Swagtron twist remix advanced led hoverboard.

    • When you have the Swagtron t881 hoverboard, you get the option of doing a full-body exercise on a regular basis. And, a full-body exercise will keep you completely healthy and fit. Thus, you can get the benefit of experiencing a full body work out when you ride this board on a daily basis.
    • The Swagtron t881 hoverboard helps to keep you fresh and mindful if you go for a daily ride with this hoverboard.
    • The lithium-free battery of this model ensures a fast and green ride, which is a good reason you should buy this hoverboard.
    • The UL2272 certification ensures that it is a safe hoverboard. Thus, you can purchase this hoverboard if you are looking for a safe board for your kid.

    Who Is This Hoverboard For? – Swagtron Twist T881 Review

    For the last few minutes, you have been reading this Swagtron swagboard twist t881 review. So, it is pretty much obvious that you are eager to know – “Who is this hoverboard for?”

    Based on the research I have done, I can say that the model Swagtron twist t881 self-balancing scooter is designed for the kids as well as for the newcomers who want to become an expert rider with ease.

    So, it can be said that this hoverboard model is one of the best hoverboards for kids.

    If you are interested in buying this hoverboard model for your kids, then to check the price, click here.

    FAQ’s – Swagtron T881 Review

    Is Swagtron T881 Hoverboard the best option for kids?

    Well, the Swagtron twist t881 hoverboard is specifically designed to make it the perfect hoverboard for kids.

    If you want to purchase a hoverboard for your kid, then you can surely go for this model. At the same time, you can also check out these best rated hoverboard for kids to have a full understanding of all the best models.

    Can I turn off the LED lights on the tires of this hoverboard?

    Nope, you can’t.

    Whenever you ride with the Swagtron t881 hoverboard, the LED lights of the tires get automatically activated.

    Can I use the Swagtron twist remix hoverboard during the night hours?

    The Swagtron twist remix hoverboard is designed with LED headlights with extra lights on the tires.

    And, all of these lights will help you to ride in the night hours. Trust me, riding this hoverboard in the night time will take your riding experience to an entirely new level.


    So, this is the ending section of our comprehensive discussion on the Swagtron t881 review.

    I am quite sure that I have covered almost everything, including the pros, cons, and the detailed features of the Swagtron twist t881 hoverboard in this review.

    Besides, I have also tried to talk about the benefits and advantages you can avail from this hoverboard model as well. I am very much sure that the benefits of this hoverboard model will play a significant role while you make the final decision of buying this hoverboard.

    But, if you need more information, you can check out more articles on the Swagtron t881 hoverboard reviews.

    So, this is all I had planned to share with you this time.

    Still, if you have any questions in mind, do not hesitate to message me.

    I would love to extend my helping hand to help you out.

    One last thing – do not forget to share your riding experience with the Swagtron twist t881 hoverboard with me as I always remain very excited to know newer updates on anything that is about a hoverboard.


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